Are You Watching Money Fly Out Windows in Your New Jersey, New York Home?

New Jersey New York Replacement Windows Money Out WindowIt Might Be Time to Install Replacement Windows & Patio Doors If . . .

Most of the time at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro we talk to our customers about the advantages of custom-built replacement windows and patio doors. Once in a while, we like to just give you some general information to help you make informed decisions about your investments. This week, with the hot, humid weather upon us, we want to help you decide if now is the time to seriously consider upgrading the windows in your home.

The decision to install new windows throughout your home should never be approached lightly. You’ll have to invest your time researching brands, dealers and window styles. Spending money on replacing windows and patio doors isn’t like upgrading your light fixtures and lawn furniture. It’s a big investment, and one that will impact your property value and the functionality of your home for a long time. Sometimes it may be wiser to repair slightly damaged windows than to replace the whole unit. For example, if you have a chipped pane in the garage, you can probably get by with just replacing the glass. At other times, repair will only buy you time, and end up costing you more in the long run. Below are three examples of situations that require replacement if you want to make sure you aren’t wasting your hard earned money.

1. Your Windows Are Old & Tired

Original home windows built during the middle of last century or before usually have wood frames. Over the years, these windows have probably been painted over and over, and some have likely had single panes replaced. Legacy windows are inefficient, often have gaps or leaks that let air and moisture in and demand routine maintenance to keep them operational and looking OK. Some of you may have windows that have been painted or nailed shut. This means if you have to get out of the room during an emergency, you’ll have to break the pane, which could lead to injuries from razor sharp shards of glass.

Modern replacement window technology innovation has given us energy-efficient options that can save you significant money on what you typically spend on heating and cooling bills. Plus, zero-maintenance Fibrex frames enhance the overall energy-efficiency of the window unit, without the annual scrape, patch and paint chores. If your home windows are really, really old, you could be putting your family at risk and may be wasting money every month trying to keep your home cool this summer.

2. Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Would Make Your Indoors More Functional

Increasing the comfort and functionality of your home is important as the temperature rises. No area of any room in your home should be hotter than the rest of the house because cooled air is sneaking out while hot air comes in. Inefficient window insulation also increases health risks for physically, mentally and emotionally challenged family members. If you can stop the air leaks with a tube of caulk that warrants a repair, but if one of the panes in a double- or triple-pane window is broken, you’ll probably need to replace the window unit, or at least the sash because the insulating gas has escaped, dramatically reducing its insulating ability.

For people with physical challenges, sometimes converting lift type windows with crank or push out styles improves functionality – and safety. Making it easy for people with mobility issues to open and close windows is essential to health and safety.

3. You Can’t Find Replacement Parts

Sometimes you just can’t find replacement parts or a contractor qualified to make repairs to aging windows. Finding a glass panel to fit a window manufactured 50 or 60 years ago could be impossible. If your older windows are metal or vinyl you may not be able to find replacement window frames or trim to fix those that are warped or bent. And, it you just replace one window under these circumstances with another brand or shape, you’ll need to find a contractor who is skilled in retro-fitting and construction. You’re taking a risk. The job could turn out great or you may find the new window sticks out like a sore thumb.

Call Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro If You’re Tired of Watching Money Go Out the Window

Whether you are interested in replacing one single hung window or every window and patio door in your home, we may be able to help you save money on your cooling bills this summer. Replacement windows make your indoor environment safer, more comfortable and totally functional for special needs family member. Ready for more information? Just fill in the short form on this page or give us a call, toll free at 1-888-826-2451 to speak to a replacement window specialist today.

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