Inexpensive Ways to Update your Replacement Window Treatments in New Jersey (without spending a fortune replacing them)

Redressing Your Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows with Breaking the Bank

Redress your New Jersey windows for cooler weatherIt feels like summer just ended, but the holiday season soon will be upon us—complete with falling leaves, lots of houseguests, warm fall decor, and all the succulent dinners that the holiday season entails. This is a prime time to brainstorm a few simple, straightforward ways to update your home’s look and feel. When it comes to sprucing up your window treatments, you might think an update entails an entire curtain overhaul.

For some, updating window treatments means costly custom treatments to fit those odd-shaped windows that so beautifully give your home character. But it doesn’t have to. These ideas might just inspire a few low-cost upgrades of your own that use what you already have to create a warm, festive atmosphere perfect for fall.

Capitalize on Neutrals

If you have simple cream, taupe, or other neutral-colored curtains, rejoice! You’ve got the perfect, elegant blank slate to which you can add any number of festive touches. If you don’t, consider investing in inexpensive cream or off-white sheers or panels. Like the classic white tablecloth, these will serve you well with minimum cost and effort.

Other warm colors work perfect for the holidays, as well. Shades of gold, brown, cream, red, and orange all complement the typical fall color scheme. Don’t be afraid to branch out with more nontraditional options, though!

Think Differently about Tiebacks

New Jersey Replacement Window Curtain Tie BacksPut aside the frilly tassels or matching tiebacks that came with your curtains, and pull out something a little less conventional. A touch as simple as an updated tieback (crafted from wide satin ribbon to complement your decor) makes a beautiful, eye-catching statement against a neutral background. Choose a ribbon color that provides a noticeable contrast for the most eye-catching effect.

If you’re going for a more rustic or laid-back look, try a loop of burlap or natural-colored canvas knotted with a few sprigs of evergreen, mistletoe, colorful leaves, or other seasonal accents gathered from your natural landscaping.

Use Your Whole Curtain Rod

Conventional panels often leave a big gap of exposed curtain rod in between. Try hanging a simple wreath—either a modern neutral-colored option or a more traditional evergreen wreath—right in the center of your window. This works best when your space features more than one somewhat wide window. The symmetry of wreaths in each one will make your space feel more festive inside and out, whether you modify or add other embellishments to your existing curtains or not.

Give your Windows Garlands

New Jersey Replacement Window GarlandGarlands aren’t just for the Christmas tree, and they’re not limited to tinsel or evergreen. Try draping fall-inspired garlands from one edge of your curtain rod to the other. This works especially well on large picture windows, windows with roman shades or blinds, or large windows framed by casement windows that need an extra touch of love to make them feel warm for the autumn season.

Your garland could be as simple as a ribbon and pine-cone compilation, a few different strands of colored ribbons (think bronzes and chocolatey browns for Thanksgiving), or groupings of oversized, artificial fall leaves strung on twine or attached to old-fashioned hemp rope. Many craft stores offer garlands specifically for fall holidays, as well—including those pine cones, richly-colored leaves, and other harvest-inspired styles, so keep your eye out for options.

Later on in the holiday season, think about replacing them with evergreen or peppermint-strung garlands for a more wintry feel.

Tieing it Together

Redressing your Renewal by Andersen replacement windows for fall doesn’t have to be expensive or take hours and hours. With just a few quick changes, you home will be ready for the holidays.

You can add more texture, colors and seasonal aromas with expensive candles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Build a decorative display on window ledges of your bay windows that includes fresh fall foliage, berries and garland. Or, you might create a stunning showcase on your fireplace mantel or side table that attracts the eye.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows Offers Homeowners More Tips for Updating Your Home for Fall

If you’re looking for a more dramatic change—like upgrading your windows themselves—feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions on replacement windows that will really take your style up a notch and impress your guests this holiday season. It’s easy to contact us by filling in the form on this page or by calling 1-888-826-2451.

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