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Accessorizing Your Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows

This Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro post is all about accessorizing your replacement windows for maximum functionality and decorative presentation. We know you expect your new fixtures to do more than just block the cold air and moisture from coming inside. You’re looking for features that enhance safety and security, protect your financial investment and beautify indoor living spaces.

Here are some accessories considerations for designing high-performance replacement windows that match your personal, and your home’s architectural, style. Follow the links in each section for additional information.

Window Grilles

In some areas, homeowners install permanently affixed security grilles (grates) made of wrought iron as a security enhancement to deter uninvited guests from gaining access to their home. Our grilles choices are purely decorative. With customization options, you can mimic existing window styles, make cleaning easier or add a touch of whimsy or elegance to the curb appeal of your New Jersey or New York home.

Factory Applied Window Glass Technology

Choosing the ideal glass type requires a thoughtful approach to ensure you get the look and performance best suited for your lifestyle, your home architecture and your unique environment. The proper selection ensures you have a crisp, clear view through your window and the added protection you deserve from a custom-built replacement window.

Special coatings applied to glass during manufacturing process block harmful UV rays transmitted by the sun that cause premature aging and irreversible damage to furniture, draperies, flooring and artwork. Some glass choices allow you to reduce the amount of harsh sunlight streaming into your living spaces, without clouding your view through the window pane. Other technology enhances energy-efficiency to help you control heating and cooling costs.

Replacement Window Insect Screens

Both standard and TruScene removable insect screens keep bugs out of your home. Included in the price of every operable window unit we sell, standard insect screens do a great job of preventing most insects from entering through the window. Optional TruScene insect screens constructed with micro-fine mesh fabric prevent the smallest insects and help keep some airborne particles like mold, pollen and dust from permeating your indoor spaces. While the tight weave even blocks no-see-ums from sneaking in, the screens are virtually invisible and allow ample ventilation without distorting your view.

Window Latches & Locks

Window Latches

From a purely utilitarian stance, you’ll need a way to lock your replacement windows. During the construction process, craftsmen install safety latches designed specifically for each window style. Double-hung windows typically have latches attached to the inside rail. Casements, like awning and hopper windows, have two or more latches mounted on the opening edge stile. While the factory determines the position of safety hardware, you decide which color and finish complements your decorating scheme or home’s architectural character. In many cases, you can choose left- or right-hand installation to improve functionality and ease of use.

Window Locks

Optional keyed locks prevent your home windows from being opened from inside your home. A word of caution: If you use keyed locks, make sure everyone knows where the keys are stored. You’ll want your family to be able to exit quickly in the event of a home fire or other emergency event.

Double Hung Window Check Rails

Homeowners now have two options for double-hung check rail detailing: Contemporary and traditional. We recently added Fibrex interiors, as well.

Learn More about Accessorizing Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows

Accessorizing replacement windows allows our New Jersey and New York metro customers freedom to design beautiful windows that perform beautifully. Have questions about color options, accessories not covered here or a unique situation in your home? Just fill in the short form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451.

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