How to Choose the Best Replacement Window for You & Your New Jersey or New York Home

New Jersey New York Best Replacement WindowAre you thinking about replacing the windows and patio doors in your New Jersey or Metro New York home? If so, you probably want the “best” replacement windows on the market for the “best price” you can find. That makes sense. Here at Renewal by Andersen we want to help you find the best value for your investment. But, if you ask one of our professional window consultants which window in our portfolio is the “best,” it may surprise you to hear we don’t normally suggest one window style or configuration over the others with asking a lot of questions. The reason is simple. The “best” window for your home depends on many factors, and what works in one home, or neighborhood, may not be the optimum solution for others. Here’s why.

Architectural Elements Influence Window Choices

Any Energy Star certified replacement window will help you reduce heating and air conditioning bills if you currently have windows with gaps and damage that allow air and moisture to infiltrate your home. Poorly functioning windows, whether they are casement or sliding styles, are often harder to operate and take more time and money to maintain. So, any new window will most likely be better in some ways than what you are living with today. But, the “best” window is one that complements your architectural style and looks natural and has the best energy performance and features. A best-fit replacement window for homeowners looking to update a colonial ranch may not look the same as a best-fit window if you are making home improvements to a house listed in the National Historic Homes Registry.

Color Choices Influence Window Packages
Along with choosing an appropriate window style for your home, you’ll want colors that reflect your home’s personality and your decorating preferences. With nine standard exterior colors and seven interior colors, it would be hard to recommend one color above the others that are the perfect choice for each home. There are also interior options that allow you to customize your spaces with colors to match or contrast existing trim and wall color. Exterior color choices, and color combinations, can make objects appear smaller, wider, and taller. Color choices give homeowners opportunities to draw attention to a special architectural feature or add a sense of balance and symmetry to the overall curb appeal.

Glazing Options Influence Comfort

While color choices are very important when it comes to creating a custom look for your home, glazing options empower homeowners to take control of their interior environment. From SmartSun glass that is super energy-efficient to patterned glass choices that allow you to add a beautiful feature that improves privacy, selecting glass options is one of the most important design decisions you will make. When you choose the “best” glass type for every window in every room of your home, you’ll feel comfortable and confident that your new replacement windows are helping you control the humidity and temperature in your home. Your family won’t have to put up with cold, drafty corners anymore. With glass choices that allow you to block harmful UV rays that can damage your carpeting and fade the upholstery on your furniture and factory applied coatings that reduce water spots that make it harder to clean your windows, you’ll also feel comfortable knowing your investment protects the assets inside your home while improving the resale value of your property.

Which Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window is Best for You and Your Home?

Every window and patio door we sell is customized to be the “best” for our customers. While we can tell our customers that fixed windows have the highest energy-efficiency ratings, we would never recommend that homeowners replace every window with a non-opening style. Ventilation is essential for health and comfort and building codes require windows you can exit through in an emergency. We are proud of our patterned glass options that add a unique decorating element, but we would never recommend patterned glass for every window or patio door because you would miss opportunities to frame a beautiful view and bring in unfiltered natural light.

There isn’t a “best” window for every setting. We work hard to give our customers choices to help them create their own best windows. So whether you are looking for superior energy-efficiency, a wide range of color choices or specialty shapes and glazing that allow you to create a stunning curb appeal, we can help. Give us a call today at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the short form on this page to schedule a personal home visit.


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