How to Block Natural Light Through Windows in NY & NJ

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New Jersey and New York homeowners who want to block natural light (and heat) from streaming in a replacement window have several options. There are some excellent ways to control light, noise and heat transfer and some tactics that should be avoided to protect your Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows and your investment.

Below are two great solutions, plus a word of caution for your consideration.

Total Blackout Shades & Curtains

People who sleep days and work nights, appreciate the noise reduction and heat transfer benefits of 100 percent blackout shades because the room is darker, cooler and quieter. High-quality, one hundred percent blackout window treatments are guaranteed to prevent any light from coming in through a covered window. Light-blocking drapes replace existing window coverings and work without additional shades, panels or modifications to the window unit. When installed properly, no light shines around the edges and all light is either absorbed or reflected away from your interior spaces. Room darkening shades come in a wide array of prices and quality, so use caution when ordering online and follow mounting instructions carefully.

Room-Darkening Liners

Unlike total blackout options, liners are specifically designed for people who love the way existing window treatments look, but also need more protection against incoming light and noise. Liners hang behind your curtain, shade or light-weight drape as an extra barrier. With so many choices available, you won’t have to sacrifice decorating preferences for functionality. Explore options for:

  • Roller shades
  • Fabric panels
  • Roman shades
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Room-darkening wood and metal blinds
  • Cellular blinds with extra layers of fabric to filter light

Some liners can be sewn onto existing drapery or installed separately, depending on your preferences and whether you prefer to keep the room dark throughout the day and night, or you want the option of allowing some light to pass through the glass when you aren’t trying to sleep.

Window Tint Film

Tinted film applied directly to window glass reduces light levels and thermal transfer. While films and spray-on tint products may seem like a simple solution, adhesives can permanently damage your energy-efficient replacement window glass and Fibrex frames. Installing any room-darkening product that requires using glue and bonding agents may void all of part of your warranty. Review your warranty and check with your replacement window consultant before affixing any product to glass, Fibrex or wood elements.

Choose High-Performance Replacement Window Features

Window dressing choices often depend on the replacement window style you install. The best option for a large casement window may not look or function as well on a smaller awning or hopper window unit. And, sometimes you want to reduce light levels without blocking 100 percent of the natural light. Fortunately, modern glass comes with light blocking features baked in at the factory that help you decide how much natural light you want to filter out. Choosing the right glass for every window means you save more on heating and cooling bills and block harmful UV rays that often weaken and damage interior fabrics.

Learn More About Light-Filtering Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Solutions for Your NJ or NYM Home Today

When you start with the correct window glass, you may find it is easier to control light levels in your home. Need more information about the proper way to install blackout window treatments after a recent replacement window installation? Maybe you haven’t ordered your new windows yet and want to learn more about our features and benefits. Either way, we’re here to help. Simply fill in the short form on this page or call 1-888-826-2451.


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