How Much Energy Can Replacement Windows Save in NY & NJ?

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Everyone would be happy if they could cut their heating and air conditioning bills in half just by installing replacement windows, right? Of course, they would. While, the whole team at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro is proud of our line of home improvement products – replacement windows, patio doors and accessories – we want our neighbors to base important decisions on the facts. The fact is, replacement windows are only one, important, factor in dramatically reducing home energy consumption. Most industry experts claim the average savings for homeowners who upgrade with high-performance replacement windows can expect to lower heating and cooling costs by 10 to 15 percent, depending on a number of variables, including: the overall condition of your home, the type and age of your HVAC system, lot orientation, the insulation in your walls and other things. It would be hard to quantify savings on energy potential without doing a comprehensive energy audit on your home.

Maximizing Savings with Proper Replacement Window Design

To get the highest return on your investment, and enjoy a healthy reduction in those monthly energy bills, you must carefully design each window based on which room it is going in, and sometimes, even where in the room the window will reside. One of the reasons our team comes to your home for a personal consultation is to precisely measure all windows and patio doors you want to replace. By doing this, we can give you an exact price, rather than estimate costs, say via email or over the phone. But, there is another reason.

Choosing the Best Glass for Your New Jersey or New York Metro Residence

Coming to your home allows us to carefully explore things that may impact which glass type you choose, if you want to maximize savings. For example, windows that are partially, or completely, blocked from receiving direct sunlight during the summer months, may be exposed to full sun during colder months when trees shed their leaves. You’ll want to consider how seasonal weather changes affect performance, too. If your utility bills are typically highest during winter months, we’ll help you find opportunities to take advantage of heat gain during the winter. Conversely, we have options to help you better control heat transfer through the glass during sweltering, muggy summer months, too.

Choosing the Best Replacement Window Style for Your Neighborhood

Independent agencies, like and the National Fenestration Rating Council invest plenty of time and money examining what makes different windows perform better. One thing that comes up in almost every review is how a particular style impacts how much energy replacement windows can save homeowners. Here is the general consensus:

  • Fixed windows offer maximum protection against air leakage compared to any other style because they don’t open or have movable parts that may wear with daily use. When installed correctly, they are weatherproof, but they aren’t a good choice if you need ventilation or egress in a single-window room.
  • Both casement and awning windows have a very low potential for developing air and moisture leaks because when you close the sash it presses against the frame, forming a tight seal, rather than rubbing across weather-stripping. Hopper windows are in the same class, and usually have similar protection against air leaks that reduce energy-efficiency.
  • Double- and single-hung replacement windows slide vertically and are only slightly more likely to develop air leaks over time.
  • Sliding windows and patio doors – including single and double sliding configurations – have a higher air leakage rate than hinged or projecting windows, but are still considered more valuable than older, single-pane, non-insulated versions.

Other Considerations: Frames, Installation and Customization

While glazing is very important, the frame material you choose also impacts the insulating benefit of each window unit. We recommend Fibrex composite window frames because it has similar insulating properties as the construction materials in your home.

Customizing window configurations can also help you enhance energy-efficiency. By mulling a row of awning or casement windows beneath, or above, a large picture window, you glean the benefit of ample ventilation with the best window style to control indoor temperature and block air and moisture leaking. You could also flank an operable window with fixed side lights to achieve similar savings.

Finally, a proper installation ensures your replacement windows perform exactly how they were designed and built to perform. A poor installation will negate any benefits – and savings – you may have achieved through thoughtful design.

How Much Energy Can Replacement Windows Save Renewal by Andersen New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners?

If you are wondering how much energy and money you could save by installing Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, we invite you to schedule a home consultation. Simply fill in the short form on this page to request a convenient appointment, or call 1-888-826-2451 and speak with one of our window specialists.


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