How Much Do Replacement Patio Doors Cost In New Jersey & New York? 

Patio Door Cost New Jersey New York

Do you need a new patio door for your New York or New Jersey home? Tired of tugging and pulling to get the sliding patio door open? You aren’t alone. Many New Jersey and New York metropolitan homeowners contact us with similar complaints come springtime. Over time, patio doors installed decades ago develop issues like gaps that cause leaks and damaged tracks that make them hard to operate. Whether you’re tired of condensation build up or having to fight the door every time you want to step outside, replacing an aging, dilapidated door can eliminate unnecessary frustration, and improve your indoor comfort.

Since you are thinking about replacement patio doors, you are probably wondering how much upgrading your door, or doors, is going to set you back. We can’t speak for other brands, or give you an exact price in this blog post, but we can give you some information about Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement patio doors, and the things that influence the price.

How Much Should You Pay For Replacement Patio Doors?

Because every home is unique and every installation has its own character, there’s no real way to quote the final installed price of replacing your patio door. The 2017 True Cost Guide shows that homeowners in the New York area have paid as little as $150, while others paid as much as $3,500 for a patio door.

The study demonstrates why it isn’t possible to give people a realistic estimate over the phone. Asking a replacement patio door dealer to give you a realistic price estimate, without providing extensive details about your home, is kind of like calling a jewelry store and asking what the average price of an engagement ring is. Engagement rings may been simple, with a small, barely visible diamond, or extravagant with intricate jewel placement and engraved bands. It is the same with sliding replacement patio doors. You may want a “plain Jane” version without grilles or special hardware, or you may want to create a stunning entrance with a multi-panel configuration that opens on both sides and features a beautiful transom melded above.

What Other Factors Influence Replacement Patio Door Costs?

Patio doors come in two basic styles. Swing-in/Swing-out styling, like our line of French-style replacement patio doors, and sliding or gliding patio doors. You can customize any patio door with patterned glass, standard and original grille patterns and beautiful hardware to create doors that reflect your home’s character and personality.

One benefit of updating with modern replacement patio doors is the flexibility to customize each door to your home and your lifestyle. Here are few things that influence the final cost.

  • Choose a standard insect screen, or upgrade to a TruScene screen constructed with fabric that is so tightly woven even the tiniest of insect can’t sneak in.
  • Select the low-E glass option that best fits your environment, so you can filter out more sunlight, block harmful UV rays and make sure you maximize heat transfer based on how many hours of direct sunlight your patio doors receives during the day time.
  • Add patterned glass or special hardware finishes that increase visual texture to your spaces.
  • Size is also a factor. Larger doors naturally cost more than smaller ones. And, special configurations that require more panels usually cost more than a standard sliding door configuration that has one stationary panel and one that moves.
  • French-style doors may be slightly higher than gliding options; however some homeowners prefer the multi-locking system and flat sill.

All of these things can add a little more to the final cost, but are worth the investment to get a truly unique door that enhances the beauty and function of your home.

All Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors are installed by our team of professionals. You never have to find a contractor, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with our exclusive 20/2/10 warranty that covers everything – including the installation.

Call Today to Find Out More About Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Patio Doors

Because every custom-built replacement patio door is unique, there isn’t really a simple answer when it comes to telling you how much your door will cost without seeing your home and discussing your goals. Please feel free to drop by our showroom if you happen to be in the area. Better yet, fill in the short form on this page or call us toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a personal home consultation to allow us to give you an exact price for replacing your outdated patio door.

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