Windows last a long time – but they last even longer if you choose the right replacement windows for your home. Knowing what factors affect window durability and longevity can help. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your upcoming replacement window purchase.

Factors That Affect Window Durability

In general, factors that affect window durability include the type of material that the window is made from, the energy efficiency of the window, and the quality and functionality of the windows. It’s important to know how to assess each of these categories to measure the quality of the windows for yourself.

Replacement Window Materials

Windows can be made from different materials including vinyl, aluminum, wood and composite wood. Vinyl windows can sag or warp with age and temperature fluctuations. When this happens, your windows may need to be replaced because they could start to leak, become less energy efficient, or may become difficult to open and close.

Meanwhile, wooden windows may start to rot if they’re not protected from moisture and precipitation. Wooden windows need regular re-sealing or repainting in order to look and function their best.

Perhaps one of the best materials for window frames is composite wood, which is made from a combination of wood pulp and resins. Composite wood never needs to be stained, sealed or painted in order to remain waterproof. This type of material also lasts for a long time, so when you’re shopping for replacement windows in New Jersey or Metro New York, look for windows made from composite materials.

Window Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another factor that affects window longevity. The more energy-efficient your windows are, the longer you’ll want to own them. Modern energy-efficient windows have at least two panes of glass, with a cushion of air or gas in between the panes to provide insulation. In addition, modern, energy-efficient windows are typically made from special glass that helps block UV rays, which can protect your interior furnishings and help keep the inside of the house more comfortable throughout the year.

Window Quality and Functionality

The longest-lasting windows are those that are made well and function well. One of the ways you can tell how well a product is made is by testing its functionality in the showroom. Windows should have a smooth open and closing action, requiring little physical strength to use. Other signs that a window is well-made include:

  • Strong warranty.
  • Positive consumer references.
  • Made from a company with a reputation for quality.

Ready to Buy Window Replacements in New Jersey or Metro New York?

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