Whether you are planning a major renovation for your home or you are thinking of installing replacement windows to improve indoor comfort and energy efficiency, you may wonder what optional features would be best for your new windows. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro customers don’t always chose to add decorative features such as window grilles and patterned glass, but it helps to know what is available as you’re designing your custom-crafted windows.

Let’s start with window grille patterns and placement.

Window Grille Styles: Appearance and Functionality

Window grilles mimic old home windows constructed with multiple small panes before glass manufacturers knew how to create large sheets of glass. Today’s grilles are mostly decorative, but the placement you choose could impact your cleaning routine.

There are three basic placement options.

#1. With interior window grilles, you get a clip on element that is easy to remove for cleaning, and real wood interior grilles allow you to change colors and textures without compromising energy-efficiency or performance.

#2. Between-the-glass window grilles are factory finished. They are permanently affixed to the surface between the two glass panels in a double-pane, insulated replacement window. Varied widths allow you to build windows that complement classic and contemporary home décors.

#3. Full-divided-light window grilles have factory applied exterior Fibrex grilles and your choice of clip-on or permanent interior elements. This grille placement solution replicates original wood dividers almost perfectly, making it a great choice for older homes.

Out-of-the-Box & Custom Grille Patterns

Out-of-the-box solutions, often called standard grille patterns, may vary slightly among brands. Four popular arrangements are the Prairie Pattern, the Modified Prairie Pattern, the Colonial Pattern and the Farmhouse Pattern.

We previously wrote about reasons people might choose to add grilles or skip the decorative elements. If you missed this post, you can find it here.

Standard grille patterns work well with most modern and traditional architectural styles. Custom patterns for geometric shaped windows and as an eye-drawing focal point are perfect for adding some visual texture to your home’s curb appeal.

Discuss your vision for unique grille pattern designs with your replacement window specialist. Color options, trim widths and grille designs all allow you to create beautiful windows that have a touch of personality to perfectly complement your homes.

Patterned Glass: The Artistic Touch That Boosts Privacy

Patterned glass is an optional feature that many homeowners may not consider at first. Adding an artistic touch in the transom above the door or a glass solution that obscures the view in the bathroom can make a subtle, but powerful difference in the mood and tone of a room.

This artistic feature is similar to art-class seen during the Victorian era. It is a simple, energy-efficient way to control the light levels in a foyer or entrance hall, without compromising energy-efficiency or installing heavy drapery on accent windows.

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