Frame a Beautiful New Jersey or New York View with Picture Windows

picture windows New Jersey New York

New Jersey and New York metro homeowners looking for a replacement window option to showcase a stunning view often turn to picture windows. Whether you want a clear, unobstructed view of a private garden or you live in an area with a spectacular view of the city-scape, a low-profile window is often the perfect choice.

Here are six reasons to frame your beautiful view with a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro picture window.

#1. Design

By design, a picture window has no movable parts. Picture windows have no horizontal or vertical lines that usually holds the panes together. Without an interior sash, you have nothing to obscure your view.

#2. Focal Point

Beyond enjoying the view through the window, a picture window creates opportunities to make a glorious view the centerpiece of your interior and exterior space. By arranging furniture and traffic patterns to emphasize the window, people will naturally be drawn to pause a moment and enjoy their surroundings.

#3. Flexibility

Window treatments add another layer of visual texture, one that ties your interior and exterior design theme together while framing your view with complementary colors, textures and patterns. With no hardware or operating levers to distract the eye, you can go bold, choose calming window dressings, or skip the treatment all together and let nature guide the experience.

#4. Natural Lighting

Interior decorators will tell you that everything looks better in natural light. Low profile replacement picture windows usher in an abundance of light. Use less artificial light, save money on your electric bills, and improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

#5. Energy Efficiency

Inoperable windows have the highest energy efficiency ratings of any replacement window. With permanent seals that virtually block all air and moisture from passing through a window, the plate glass window is the perfect choice to control heating and cooling bills.

#6. Creative Expression

While we often think of picture windows as expansive squares or rectangles, fixed windows come in more than a dozen unique shapes, including:

  • Peak Pentagon
  • Circle
  • Springline™
  • Trapezoid
  • Unequal Leg Arch
  • Right Triangle
  • Chord
  • Circle Top
  • Quarter Circle
  • Octagon
  • And, many more distinct shapes

#7. Original Combinations

A multi-window configuration that combines operable and inoperable styles means you can create a wall of glass to showcase your stunning view and allow ample ventilation and visual interest.

Fixed windows allow homeowners to redefine their interior and exterior spaces. Depending on color choices, grilles, accent styles and the shape of your picture window, you can add an elegant, sophisticated, even artistic view from the curb, or create a simple, barely noticeable frame that melts into the natural surroundings.

As you can see, fixed windows have many advantages. One element to keep in mind, however, is that the exteriors of picture windows are not as easy to clean as other styles like casement and double-hung replacement windows that allow you to reach the interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home. With factory applied easy-clean coatings this is a minor consideration in light of all the benefits.

Renewal by Andersen of NJ & NY Replacement Picture Windows Offer the Perfect Frame for Your View

When you have a truly spectacular view, it deserves a distinctive frame. Picture windows offer enhanced energy-efficiency, ample natural light flow and myriad opportunities to reflect your personality. Would you like to explore replacing a few operable home windows with a fixed style? Just fill in the short form on this page or call 1-888-826-2451 to speak to a replacement window specialist in your neighborhood.


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