Four Replacement Window Styles for a More Comfortable Home

4 windows styles new jersey new york

In New Jersey and New York, replacement windows are custom-built to exacting specifications based on each homeowner’s personal preferences and architectural requirements. While windows do many things — provide a view of the outside world, keep cold and hot air outside as the seasons change, and deter invaders (people and pests) from coming inside our homes — they also help make our indoor spaces more comfortable. Here is an overview of four styles and some of the benefits they offer.

Bays & Bows: Making Your Room More Spacious

bow-window-long-islandReplacing a row of double-hung, slider or casement windows with a beautiful bay or bow replacement window unit automatically adds a little extra floor space to your dwelling. This means you have more room to move about and more freedom to arrange furniture to create new traffic patterns. This window “style,” isn’t really a style like other window types, because you use other styles to create a unit that provides ample ventilation and light according to your needs. It is possible to build a glass “box” without any operable windows at all, a unit that is constructed with all operable windows or a combination of both. Many homeowners in New Jersey and New York choose the later, opting for a mix of stationary windows and double-hung or casement windows for ventilation. We recommend bay and bow replacement windows for homeowners who feel a bit cramped in their homes, but don’t want to invest in a total home makeover which would require extensive construction to add additional floor space. Benefits of Bay or Bow windows include: tons of natural light, extra breathing room and an expanded viewing area.

Casement Windows for Your NJ & NY Home

casement-window-long-islandUnlike windows with a sash or sashes that rise vertically or slide horizontally, casement windows are hinged along one side. You can choose which side you want hinged, left or right, which gives you flexibility if you have special architectural features that limit your options for opening windows outward. People say that the design allows homeowners to capture a breeze and literally pull the fresh air indoors. The single operating handle makes it easy to open and close windows that require a reach – such as those positioned over counters or sinks – and this style is rated as the second most energy-efficient style, only bested by fixed windows. Casement replacement windows work well as stand-alone window units, configured as a pair, hinged on opposite sides or as components in a bay or bow configuration. This style is one of the most flexible styles on the market today.

Benefits of casement windows include: Exceptional ventilation opportunities, protection from air and moisture leaks and easy operation.

Sliding Replacement Windows

sliding-window-long-islandSliding windows or gliding windows, as they are sometimes called, move from side to side rather than open upward or outward. This means you never have to worry about an open window blocking traffic patterns indoors or preventing you from moving the patio furniture closer to the house. This window style also has narrower frames and trim than most other styles, so you get more viewing space compared to other window units the same size and shape. Sliding windows are a great match for kitchens and baths, and almost every room in the home. With easy-clean features that allow you to reach both surfaces from inside your home, and virtually unlimited grille patterns available, it is easy to see why so many of our friends and neighbors choose gliders for their home upgrades.

specialty-window-long-islandFixed Windows – Transoms, Side-lights and Picture Windows

Fixed windows are the most energy-efficient replacement windows in our portfolio because they are fully sealed at the factory. Just because they don’t open or have movable parts, doesn’t mean stationary windows are bland and boring. With options like patterned glass that allow homeowners to obscure the view without blocking all the natural light, and geometric shapes that allow you to tuck a nautical feature under the eaves or create a stunning half-circle feature above an entrance, it’s no surprise that fixed windows are so popular in New Jersey and New York today. Fixed windows are a terrific complement to other window styles mulled (joined to) over, beside, above or beneath operable window units. Like other styles in our portfolio, fixed windows can be customized with different frame and trim colors as well as removable or permanently affixed grilles. The greatest benefits of fixed windows include: easier to clean (no movable parts), zero cold or hot spots caused by leaking windows and more opportunities to view your world through crystal clear glazing.

Beautiful Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Styles for Every Room in Every Home

Updating your New Jersey or New York home’s windows with high-performance, superior quality replacement windows means you have more control over your indoor environment. You also reap other benefits such as improving your view of the world beyond your four walls and enhancing security. If you have questions about replacement window styles, please fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule an in-home appointment with a New Jersey & New York Metro Renewal by Andersen specialist.

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