Four Pillars: Window Installation, Part III

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Installation (Part 3 of 4)

4PillarsInstallIn our continuing multi-part series on the four pillars that make up a great replacement window experience, will cover Window Frames, Window Glass, Window Installation and Window Design.

In the prior post we discussed how the Accurate Measurement, Precise Manufacturing and proper Packaging and Shipment of your new windows can make or break the Installation before it even begins and in our first post we talked about why proper installationis so critical to the success of any window replacement project.

Before we go into the actual installation of the new window into your house, we’ll cover removing the old window, handling the new window and preparing the job site in this post.  In the fourth and final article on Replacement Window Installation, we’ll finally get to the important issues that need to be addressed when you actually put the window in the wall. While each step is critical, there are literally dozens of steps that must be completed properly during the actual installation to ensure your windows keep you safe and comfortable for a lifetime.

On the Jobsite

It’s an exciting time when your windows are delivered to your home and your installers are on site to install them. It’s also a critical time when improper window handling could damage your windows and prevent an accurate and durable installation. Your installation team should be careful with your windows and take the proper precautions to protect them while they go about removing the old windows and preparing your existing openings for the new windows.

Before your installers start doing anything to your home, they should talk to you about their installation plan. You should know exactly what they are going to do each step of the way. If you are replacing multiple windows, the installation crew should have a well-planned system for how they will proceed to minimize disruption to your home. Now is the time for you to ask any final questions you may have about the windows or the window installation process. If your installer is a true professional he or she should welcome your questions and be able to put your mind at ease that everything has been well thought out and your home is in good hands. A professional window installer will understand your concerns and have installed hundreds of windows for dozens of homeowners, and should therefore anticipate and welcome your questions. Your sincere interest in his or her job should be seen as a compliment, not an intrusion.

Protect Furnishings and Landscaping

After your installation crew answers all your questions and you are comfortable with the process, you should expect them to start taking steps to protect your personal property and furniture indoors and your plantings outdoors before they start any demolition work. Indoors, these precautions can include everything from helping you move any furniture you couldn’t move yourself, and protecting flooring and other items that cannot be moved. Outside, they should protect trees, shrubs and any plantings in and around the work area.

Removal of Old Windows

Before your crew can install your windows, they must remove the old windows and prepare the window opening. Most remodeling jobs require some demolition work and it can be loud, dirty, nasty work, your installation crew should take necessary precautions to minimize the noise and spread of the mess. Any damage they may be required to cause to get the job done right should be expected to be repaired before the job is considered complete.

When possible, crews may work in stages to be more efficient. For example, they may remove multiple windows first, then prepare those window openings, then install the new windows. This can be more a more efficient strategy because your crew will have the tools at hand and be doing the same processes on multiple windows at the same time. However, in cold or inclement weather, this should be avoided to protect your home from the elements.

Removing Debris

As your installers are removing your old windows, they should be packing them up and cleaning up any debris to be taken away with them when the job is complete. You should not be left with a bunch of old windows and debris at your curb. That’s a sign of an unprofessional installation.

Properly explaining the installation process to you and protecting your home and your furnishings will go a long way to ensuring that you are happy and satisfied with your new replacement window installation.

Up Next ….

In our next post, we will discuss the specifics of your new replacement window installation, including preparation of the window opening, installing the new window and checking its operation.


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