Four Pillars: Window Installation, Part I

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Installation (Part 1 of 4)

Four Pillars of Successful Replacement Window Experience: Installation

The third pillar to a satisfying replacement window project may be the most important: the Installation. An improper installation can undo all the good of the other three pillars: Window Frame, Window Glass and Window Design.

In this four-part series on the proper installation of your replacement windows, we will discuss the many issues that need to be addressed for a successful installation. In this, the first of four parts, we’ll investigate why proper installation is such an important pillar in a successful replacement window project.

Windows Can Only Perform as Well as the Installation

Your windows can only perform as well as the installation job of your replacement window installer. A window opening is essentially a big hole in your home. Your house is constructed as a complete system designed to keep the outside weather out and enable you to heat and cool the inside temperature efficiently. The window openings are holes in that sealed window envelope. Without windows properly filling those openings, your home will be the same temperature inside as it is outside and anything happening outside (like rain, snow, wind, bugs, noise — and intruders) will be come right inside. Windows fill those holes with a window frames and glass to let light into your home and allow you to see what’s happening outside. If there are big gaps between your windows and your walls, you are essentially letting all those outside elements in.

Windows are Holes in the Building Envelope

replacement window installationIf your windows aren’t installed and sealed absolutely perfectly, there are still holes in that window envelope that can let the nasty outside elements in and let out the heating and cooling you for which you already paid so dearly. Multiply those gaps by the number of windows in your house and a poor window installation could mean many holes in your home that are siphoning off your heating and cooling dollars, allowing rot- and mold-creating moisture into the structure of your home and overall making you uncomfortable and unhappy.

Great Windows Will Never Overcome a Poor Installation

The most energy efficient window can only be as efficient as the installation allows. A poorly installed window by an inexperienced worker can make the extra money you paid for a top-of-the-line window worthless. Pardon the pun, but you might as well throw that money out the window. If gaps around the installed window allow heat and cold to enter your home, you might as well leave your windows open. And the worst part of bad window installations  is the  damage you don’t see that is slowly destroying the structure of your home as moisture, fungus and insects get to work hidden inside your walls.

Installation Keeps the Outside Out & the Inside In

The proper installation of replacement windows to prevent air or moisture leaks and keep the exterior elements where they belong is a complex project requiring experienced installers who understand the importance of what they’re doing and take pride in their work. Many inexperienced, and even well-meaning experienced installers will simply caulk gaps left from an inaccurate installation and you’ll never see the damage until they’re long gone. While your new windows will appear to be sealed against the elements, you may not know your windows were poorly installed for years. That’s when seasonal weather changes will open up the gaps  to air, moisture and insects.

The most critical aspect of your new replacement window project, and your ultimate happiness is the installation. A poor installation will undermine all your hard work of selecting the right window framing, the right glass and the right options to make your new windows look and perform great for years to come.

Next Up:

Measuring & Making Your Replacement Windows

In our next article, we’ll discuss more import aspects of a proper window installation: the initial measurement, manufacturing and shipping to the jobsite. In the third article, we’ll discuss removal of the old window and in the fourth and final article, we’ll cover the actual installation of the new replacement window and what needs to occur to install your windows to maximize their performance and longevity to keep you comfortable for years to come.

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