Four Pillars: Window Design, Part IV

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Design, Part 4

Replacement Window DesignThis is the last post in our 12-part series on the Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window experience. This post will cover Window Insect Screens and important Window Maintenance features.

Window Insect Screens

Do you plan to open your new windows? Sounds like a silly question, right? Why buy operable windows if you’re not going to open them. Well, if you’re going to open  your windows in our area, you’re going to want to give some important consideration to the insect screens on your windows. Without a good window insect screen, opening your windows around here is going to let in a number of uninvited guests – you know, those of the six (or more) legged kind.

Window Insect ScreensFor most people, insect screens are given little thought during the window buying process. A screen is a screen is a screen, right? You might be surprised to find that not all screens are created equal. While most standard window insect screens will keep most of the little critters outside where they belong, they might also keep natural light out of your home and they might interfere with your views outside. You’re buying windows to let in light and so you could see outside, aren’t you? How happy are you going to be with those windows if they make your house dark and distort your views outside?

Many window showrooms remove the insect screens from their display models so they can show off the windows, but you should ask to see them before making and decisions. When looking for new replacement windows for your home, consider how they will affect your views and they look on your windows. Is the window insect screen dark and blocks out the natural light coming into your home? Will your insect screens reduce your visibility through the windows? Is the screen’s mesh so tight you can’t see through them; or is it so open you’re afraid it might let in the smaller annoying insects. These are important considerations that will affect your long-term happiness with your windows, so you should be sure to think about them now.

Also try taking the window screens out and putting them back in. How difficult is it to remove and replace your insect screens for cleaning the screen and the window? Will you have to get up on a ladder to remove the screens from a second story window? Also consider how the screen looks on the window itself. Does the frame of the screen blend into the window frame or call attention to itself?

Your window insect screen is likely to have a big impact on how happy you are going to be with your replacement window purchase. Don’t believe that a screen is a screen is a screen; it’s not. Some better window manufacturers offer a number of choices for insect screens. Some of these window insect screens can even provide 50 percent more clarity than other screens.

Window Maintenance

Replacement Window CleaningEverything needs to be cleaned occasionally, even windows. Today, however, there have been great advances in window design and materials that can make this easier than it used to be. Be sure the windows you select have incorporated easy cleaning advances to make your regular maintenance easier rather than harder.

The materials used to manufacture your windows are going to have a big impact on the amount of maintenance they require. Newer, lower-maintenance materials can reduce the time you spend maintaining your new windows. Wood and metal windows will require regular scraping, sanding and repainting your windows every couple of years, while newer materials will not.

Also be sure to ask how the manufacturer recommends cleaning the window frames and glass. Look at the design of the window. Are there many pockets, tracks and other areas that will collect debris that will interfere with their operation or appearance? How will you clean these? Is it going to be easy to clean the outsides of the window frames and glass from inside your house? If your windows are on a second floor, will they require that you get up on an extension ladder to clean the outside of the windows?

Cleaner Window Glass

LowE4If you hate to clean windows, you’ll be happy to hear that some of Renewal by Andersen of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­New Jersey’s glass options include a permanent, factory-applied glass coating that helps minimize your glass cleaning chores. Renewal by Andersen’s Low-E4 glass features an advanced titanium dioxide (TiO2) exterior coating which makes cleaning the outside of your windows easier and less frequent. Activated by sunlight, the coating helps loosen dirt from the glass so it can be washed away by rain. The coating even makes the exterior glass dry faster so you’ll have as much as 99 percent fewer water spots on your window glass.

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