Four Pillars: Window Design, Part II

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Design, Part 2

Replacement Window DesignFollowing up on our previous post on Window Frames, in this second part of our four-part series on Replacement Window Design, we’ll talk about your Window Hardware color, style and ease of operation.

More than any other aspect of your replacement windows, the hardware used will have the greatest impact on your satisfaction with your selection over the years you own them. You’ll be looking at your windows from the inside of your house more than from the exterior, and you’ll see your hardware every day. If it looks like it goes with the rest of your decor, your hardware will complement your windows and your home; if not, it’ll bother you every day and every time you look outside will turn that smile to a frown.

After the aesthetics, you need to consider the utility of the hardware. Is it easy to operate? Does it feel good in your hand? Will you enjoy opening and closing your windows or dread it? If your answer is the later, is this going to keep you from opening your windows to let in some fresh air? Is it going to make cleaning your windows a chore or a delight? Poor performing window hardware can even present unforeseen security and safety risks to you and your family.

Important Replacement Window Hardware Design and Selection Questions

Hardware Color and Finish Selection

replacement window hardwareWhat kind of selection is available on the replacement windows you are considering? Do you only have one choice, or are there a number of hardware styles to match your décor? Do they come in different colors? Do they come in different finishes? They may have “brass”, but if your home’s hardware is “antique brass” and your window hardware only comes in “bright brass”, it doesn’t really match, does it? What about the actual design style of the hardware? Are you stuck with just one style? Is your traditional window going to have contemporary styled hardware, or vice-versa, is your contemporary window style going to be ruined with traditional hardware?

Window Hardware Usefulness

You’ll have your windows for years, take a few minutes now to test the operation of your windows now, before you make any final decisions. How does the window hardware feel in your hand? Does it feel natural? Is it comfortable? How is the fit and finish? Is it rough or smooth? Does it feel durable or flimsy? Open the window. Does it slide smoothly or crank easily? Close it. Does it feel solidly engaged? Now close the locks. Do they slide right into place or did they need to be coaxed? Windows and their hardware should work perfectly right off the factory floor. Guard against thinking, “Oh, this will ‘break-in’ after a while.

Think about how you’re going to use your windows. If it’s difficult to open, close and lock your windows, will that discourage you from using them? Might this become a security issue for you and your family? Burglars and other intruders are likely to check your windows first when looking for an entry point into your home. Don’t let your windows become a weak point in your security system.

Try to picture your windows in your home and the day-to-day activity that will surround them. Will the hardware pose any other risks or obstacles to you and your family. Does it stick out from the window where it could be run into by small children? Will it get in the way of your window treatments?

Your window hardware and operation are important considerations you will have to live with for many years after selecting a replacement window for your home. Be sure you consider how your new windows will fit into your lifestyle and decor.

In Our Next Article: Window Grilles, Insect Screens and Maintenance

In our next post in this series, we’ll discuss additional Design considerations including Window Grilles Insect Screens, and Maintenance features.

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