Fall in Love with Your New Jersey or New York Home, Or Sell it For More

Are you here at the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro blog because you’re trying to decide whether to update your home with high-performance replacement windows or put it on the market and buy a newer home with fewer problems?

You loved your home – or thought it showed great potential – when you bought it – didn’t you? Have you fallen out of love with your house, or are you just discovering little quirky issues – like the window that won’t stay up without a brace and the patio door that you have to lift and push with all your might to open – are driving you crazy?

Does Your Home Need Minor Cosmetic Surgery or a Total Makeover?

After years of living in a home, the cabinets and counter tops may feel outdated and boring. A quick paint job, some new hardware and perhaps a modern vent-hood and back splash can transform your cooking space from blah to beautiful.

Sometimes a room needs more extensive modifications, say designing a new layout that gives you a functional, efficient kitchen triangle and better lighting.

Setting up a perfect kitchen triangle includes:

  • Creating an imaginary workspace with three legs that measure approximately 4 feet to 9 feet each, and a maximum perimeter that does not exceed 26 feet.
  • Make sure the boundaries (legs) do not intersect a peninsula or work island by more than one foot.
  • In a kitchen with a single sink, its proper placement is across from your primary cooking appliance, your food prep area or the refrigerator.
  • Arrange your layout so that non-cooking traffic patterns flow outside the triangle, welcoming guests without disrupting your flow.

Updating a dark kitchen may include installing new artificial lighting, as well as replacing over the counter/sink windows with a different style that brings in more natural light, and makes your cooking area more welcoming and more functional.

Updating a Home with Major Problems

When it isn’t just one room or one area of your home that has lost your favor, a major change may be just what you need to restore the relationship. Aging windows that no longer block heat, air and moisture effectively, and those that make your whole house look tired and worn out, should be replaced.

Installing Energy Star certified replacement windows automatically makes your indoor spaces more comfortable and welcoming. And, choosing colors, frame widths and operational styles that complement your existing architecture creates a perfect balance between beauty and functionality to make you smile every time your return home.

The good news is that if you decide replacement windows are a good solution, and then, after living with the change for a while, still feel you want to move, you stand to recover a large portion of your investment through increased property value. Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 annual Cost vs Value report showed that “curb appeal projects” – anything that can be seen from the street – continue to generate the highest return on investment, while kitchen makeovers lost 10.9% compared to 2017 ROI.

Renewal by Andersen of NJ & NYM Replacement Windows & Patio Doors Add Value to Your Home

Whether you fall in love again, or decide to sell your home, updating with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York replacement windows and patio doors can be a sound financial investment. Get started by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-888-826-2452 today.


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