How to Dress Your New Jersey Windows & Doors for Spring

New Jersey Spring Window TreatmentsAfter months of frigid, arctic weather, all of us New Jersey residents have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring-like temperatures. As longer, warmer days return, we all get that familiar seasonal urge to throw open the shutters (or window treatments) and let the natural light pour inside.

In honor of the calendar change ā€“ and rising temperatures ā€“ our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey team thought you might like a few pointers to help you satisfy those natural light urges with some simple decorating tips. Bring springtime indoors with creative, rejuvenating colors and fabrics that accentuate your beautiful windows and energize your rooms.

Spring into Action with a Plan

Spring weather and gentle breezes seem to compel us to grab the dust mop and chase winter dust-bunnies from corners and hiding places under the sofa. If your Spring Cleaning spree inspires you to rearrange furniture and resurface your walls with vibrant splashes of color, explore the splendid 2014 spring collection from Pantone before you decide on window treatments.

Want a softer, gentler spring color collection for your reading room or boudoir? Check out the trending color palette from Benjamin Moore that focuses on muted, relaxing tones that create a serene setting. While some decorators suggest you start setting the tone with walls and large pieces of furniture, there is nothing wrong with choosing a fabric swatch for curtain fabrics as your focal point. The important thing is to decide which mood or tone you want to create in each room or living space.

Defining Your Window Style

Minimalist Perspective

If you want to showcase your replacement windows in a minimalist decorating scheme, consider mini-blinds or traditional wood blinds with narrow slats. One benefit of blinds is that you get superior light control. You can choose either stationary models or raise-and-lower versions, depending on your window type. Wooden blinds give you flexibility to accentuate your windows and doors with contrasting color variations or complimenting colors that blend for a sleek, modern feel.

Contemporary Perspective

Roman shades are a familiar go-to style for contemporary styling, especially in older homes with lots of character and personality. Find roman shades in dozens of colors, fabrics and textures to bring fresh spring details into your spaces. Fold sizes vary from narrow to almost four inches depending on the manufacturer. Many companies sell styles with child-safety features that eliminate dangling cords that entice inquisitive minds. Shades roll up or down and stack neatly for easy access for cleaning panes.

Traditional Perspective

If your home has a traditional style, you can easily bring spring colors into your home to complement the overall decorating style. Choose full-length drapes that rest just above the floor, or leave a few inches for a soft puddle effect. Hang drapes with stained or painted rings that match your window frame and grille color scheme. Split drapes that open in the center and push to each side give a symmetrical frame with a full unobstructed view outside. For a more polished look, push panels to one side and add a broad sash or other tie-back embellishment.

Give Your Windows Personality with Accessories

These three suggestions are just a small sampling of available window treatment styles. Whether you choose to showcase your bay windows and doors with gauzy white lace curtains or window treatments crafted from bold, buttery yellow fabrics, you can add finishing touches to create eye-popping settings.

Updating your hardware is one subtle change that is worth the effort. If you decide to hang curtains or drapes with bright, floral designs, a brushed nickel hardware set counteracts the boldness without distracting the eye. Here are some other accessory options to consider for your spring window makeover.

  • Add unique finials to your rods. There are ornate and simple styles that come in ceramic, wood, plastic, metal and other materials.
  • Add trim to the sides or hemlines of drapes. Beads, tassels, border prints and ribbons add contrasting textures and colors that coordinate with furniture upholstery and wall color.
  • Choose hanging appliances that act as stand alone decorations. An intricately carved wooden curtain rod and over-sized rings is one example. You could also use non-traditional materials (such as a cast iron “post” ) to support gently draped sheer textiles.

Decorating Help From Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey

Warmer weather and longer days bring the urge to open the windows; letting the fresh air and sunshine pour in. If you need help deciding which window treatments are best for your replacement windows give us a call.

If spring weather has inspired you to replace aging windows in your New Jersey home, we invite you to give us a call and let us help you design new windows for your home. Reach us toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 or just enter your contact information in the box above.

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