Are drafty, leaking windows in your New Jersey or New York home interfering with your indoor comfort? If you’re tired of fighting air and moisture leaks, it may be time to consider updating your windows with modern, high-performance Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro replacement windows. Well-maintained, airtight windows reduce noise inside your home and eliminate those bothersome cold or hot spots that drive you crazy.

Did you know that window glass selection plays a critical role in controlling indoor air quality and comfort. One of the greatest benefits of upgrading your aging windows with custom-crafted home windows today is having the flexibility to tackle the unique comfort challenges in every room by utilizing a different type of insulated window glass. There are different types of window glass available today designed to combat the unique challenges different applications may face. Whether you have one small window in a north-facing room, or a whole wall of windows in a south-facing room, you can choose the right window glass for those specific characteristics.

How Does Replacement Window Glass Selection Affect Comfort Zones?

Most homes have a room or two that feel darker than other spaces in your home. Others, especially those facing west, are harder to keep cool during the summer months as the afternoon sun pounds against the glass. Window glass cannot overcome all of the challenges presented by lot orientation and surrounding landscaping and structures, however choosing the proper glass type can help you enhance indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Here are some things to consider when deciding which glass choice is best for each window.

Low-Emissivity Window Glass

Plain glass isn’t necessarily the best insulator against heat gain and heat loss. Today’s low-emissivity glass uses a micro-thin metal film applied during the low-E glass manufacturing process improves insulating performance by controlling the amount of heat that passes through the glass. This allows homeowners to capture solar heat during colder months, when you need a little help from the sun, while reducing the amount of heated air that passes through the window from inside. Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California explain it this way:

“If you have a few windows in a room with direct sun on them, it’s equivalent to running a little space heater.” (Howdy Gouday, speaking with NPR)

High Tech Windows on the Horizon

Smart technology is already allowing homeowners to remotely find out if their windows and doors are properly closed and lock via their mobile devices. Ongoing research includes studying ways that dynamic windows will intuitively respond to weather changes.

These “smart windows” currently cost twice as much as standard double pane windows with low-E glass. For those who aren’t ready to double their spend to improve comfort zones, there are multiple Energy Star labeled options that help people proactively manage their indoor comfort zones.

  1. High-Performance™ Low-E4®:

A terrific option for our New Jersey and Metro New York four-season climate is Renewal by Andersen’s High-Performance™ Low-E4®. This window glass offers 56 percent more summer energy efficiency and 47 percent more winter energy efficiency than traditional dual pane window units.

  1. High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™

Compared to standard double pane glass, Renewal by Andersen’s SmartSun™ glass delivers 70 percent more energy efficiency during the hot summer months and boosts winter performance by 49 percent. While still providing a crystal clear view, this option also blocks 95 percent of harmful UV rays responsible for heating up your indoor spaces and potentially damaging upholstery and carpet fibers. As an added bonus, this glass choice reduces street noise transfer.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Glass

Every window provides opportunities to increase or diminish energy-efficiency performance and indoor comfort. Fill in the short form on this page, or dial 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a free, in-home consultation to discuss innovative replacement window solutions for your home today.

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