It’s estimated that around 15,000 children are injured in falls from windows every year, and 20 children die. Although most children can live safely in the presence of windows for their entire life and never have an accident, installing extra protection and childproofing can prevent a terrible accident that could lead to injury – or worse. If you have a youngster at home and no window protection, childproofing can make all the difference. There are many ways that you can childproof your windows at home. Choose the childproofing system that seems most appropriate for your house and your family.

Do Your Windows Need Childproofing?

Not all homes need to have their windows childproofed. When trying to decide, consider the following:

  • Window accessibility
  • Age of your child
  • Likelihood that your child will develop a risky curiosity of your windows

You know your child and what their needs are. While you’re in the process of deciding whether your windows need childproofing, walk through your home and assess your windows. Are they low to the ground? Wide enough to fit through? Easy to open? Frequently left open? Unprotected by screens (although screens will not prevent a child from injury or falling through an open window)?

What You Can Do to Childproof Your Windows

There are many things you can do to childproof your windows. Some children are injured when they fall from their window, other times children become caught in their blind cords, which can lead to injury, or worse, strangulation.

Cordless Window Shades Can Protect Your Child from Serious Injury

Window shade cords can be an enticing plaything for curious toddlers, and that makes them dangerous. Cordless window shades eliminate the threat that your child will become wound up in your blinds or shades and potentially injure themselves. Install cordless window shades in your home – or at least tie up your shade cords so they’re high enough off the ground that your child cannot reach them.

Install Childproof Locks

Childproof locks prevent your little one from opening the windows and accidentally falling out. When choosing childproof locks for your windows, read the packaging to ensure that the type of lock you’re buying for your windows will work with your window type (for example: casement windows may need different childproof locks compared to double hung windows). Also check your warranty to ensure installing childproof locks will not void it.

Consider Window Guards

Window guards prevent children from falling from the window by creating a barrier that they cannot cross. If you’re going to have window guards installed on your home, have it done by a professional who can do the work without causing damage to your home’s siding – or damage to your windows.

Talking to Your Child About Window Safety

Once your child is old enough to understand how important it is to stay safe around windows, have a talk with your child about never climbing out the window and never playing with the cords to window blinds or shades. Taking a serious and open position on safety when your child is old enough to understand can help prevent accidents at home.

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