Do It Yourself (DIY) home improvements are more popular than ever! Homeowners who enjoy watching shows like This Old House and Flip This House often feel empowered to fix their house on their own, without help from a professional. This can be great for small improvements and give you a real sense of accomplishment from your “sweat equity”, but not all home improvements are created equal.

Not all home improvements are best done by homeowners. Some require experienced professionals. If you’re considering a DIY replacement window installation, there’s a lot you should know about the installation process, including the potential benefits and pitfalls. Knowing the potential outcomes of a do-it-yourself replacement window installation can help you decide whether this kind of project is right for you.

Why Some People Choose DIY Replacement Window Installation

Often, people who choose to perform do-it-yourself projects do so because they wish to save money, or they’re seeking the personal satisfaction of doing it themselves. DIY projects can be fun for people who enjoy working with their hands, using their own tools, and adding value to their property.

Improper Replacement Window Installation is a Health & Safety Risk

Unfortunately, replacement window installation does not make a very good do-it-yourself project. Windows are a major system in the home, and when improperly installed, can cause a variety of problems including air and water leakage resulting in unhealthy mold, mildew and eventually rotting of the home’s structure. Over time, a leaky or improperly fitting window can cause structural damage, by allowing water intrusion into the walls of your home which rot the wood structure, causing a health and safety risk to you and your family.

Replacement Window Installation Requires Special Tools & Training

Window installation is also a complex project that requires a variety of tools and expertise. Unlike some easier do-it-yourself projects like house painting, shelving installation and so on, window installation is not intuitive. Most people who have never been trained to install windows are not able to properly perform this type of home improvement project on their own.

DIY Window Installation Can Void Your Window Warranty

Every replacement window manufacturer has their own specific requirements for window installation. If you don’t know exactly what the manufacturer requires in the way of installation methods and materials, you will likely void your replacement window warranty. If you ever have a problem in the future, you may not be covered for the repair or replacement cost.

Money Savings Can Be Lost in Repair Costs

In fact, money saved by performing the work without help of a professional installer may be needed to perform repairs on the home if the windows are improperly installed. If enough damage is done, even the windows themselves may need to be replaced during the repair process.

DIY Means Living with a Mess Longer

Do-it-yourself projects are usually more time consuming than professionally completed projects, because homeowners lack the tools and experience to get the work done quickly. What a professional window installer might accomplish in a day, you might take an entire week (or longer!) to finish. During that time, you’ll have to live with the mess and inconvenience that comes from sleeping in a construction zone.

RbA Windows Not Available for DIY

Finally, not all windows can be installed by a homeowner. Renewal by Andersen windows can only installed by a professional representative of Renewal by Andersen. We do not sell our windows without also selling our installation services. To install these high-end window systems in your home, you’ll need to use our professional installer, who is guaranteed to do the work right.

Want Quality Windows Installed In Your Home? Contact Renewal by Andersen

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting replacement windows – with the help of a professional installer. New windows bring money savings and beauty to your property. To find out more about installing new windows in your house, contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. Use the toll free number 1-888-826-2451 to make an appointment and discuss your upcoming window installation.


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