Designing Replacement Windows with Sense-Appeal in New Jersey, New York

Replacement Windows New Jersey New York SensesRenewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows Appeal to Your Senses

Replacement Windows New Jersey New York SensesIt’s true that installing Energy Star certified windows in your New Jersey or New York home can save you up to 15 percent on your heating and cooling bills, but reclaiming some of your hard earned money isn’t the only reason to invest in a home improvement project. Have you ever considered how designing your windows and patio doors appeals to your natural senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and emotions?

Looking Through the Lens

The components you choose during the design phase of your remodeling project allow you to control what you see when you look at, and through, your windows.

Window styles have visual appeal. The colors, hardware selections, frame width and grille patterns you choose, all allow you to create an attractive appearance from the curb and from inside your home. Choosing a low profile slider or picture window lets you enjoy a larger viewing area of your world outside. Sizes and shapes help you showcase an architectural feature. You can express your personality with contrasts and intentional design or restore a home to its original aesthetic appeal with style choices.

Controlling Sounds

There are times when you want to hear what’s happening outside, and times when you don’t. If you’re watching your children or grandchildren as they play outside, you may want to open the windows to hear their peals of laughter. When you’re trying to sleep, you probably want to muffle neighborhood noises and traffic sounds. If you’re hearing more than you want to through those single-pane windows, installing double-hung windows gives you better control over noise transmission.

Appealing to Your Sense of Touch and Feel

Operational styles – sliding patio doors, crank-out casements, pull-in hoppers – all enable airflow, but they don’t all generate the same air volume through your home. Casement windows open wide to capture the breeze and funnel it inside. Hoppers have a smaller opening and a generally won’t draw in as much fresh air, but are perfect for ventilating basements and other areas where windows are installed higher on the wall. Each style has unique opening mechanisms, too, so opening and closing your windows feels different depending on which style you choose for each room in your home.

Another stylistic element in the window design process is texture. If you opt for stainable/paintable interiors you can resurface your wood components with slick, glossy paint, choose a shabby-chic textured treatment or stain to match your existing interior woodwork and furniture, creating a look and feel that meets your decorating goals.

Generating the “Feel Good” Feeling

How a room feels when you enter is another sensory consideration. Replacing poorly performing windows and patio doors with new replacement windows that banish drafts allows you to better control the indoor temperature. Weather-stripping that blocks air and moisture infiltration keeps humidity levels in check and reduces noise transfer. Even color choices and trim width impact the overall tone and mood in a room, which can influence your mood and emotional comfort.

Along with maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your home, windows allow to manage indoor air quality. Weather-stripping that seals windows tightly when closed prevents dust, pollen and airborne allergens from entering your home. If you enjoy opening the window on a cool evening, installing TruScene Insect Screens will allow you to smell the roses in bloom and keep the no-see-ums from invading your home without decreasing your view.

Creating a Sense of Security and Safety with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows

What about the peace of mind you get from knowing your upgrades are protecting your family? Design features like recessed latches and locks, window guards that keep children from climbing through an open window and patterned glass options that prevent people outside from seeing indoors all add a sense of security and safety.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro Replacement Windows Appeal to All Your Senses

Yes, our replacement windows provide superior protection against air and moisture infiltration, which can save you money on your summer cooling bills. But, your new home improvement upgrades are designed to do so much more than just reduce energy consumption.

We want to help you design new windows and patio doors that make your indoor spaces more comfortable, control noise transmission and give you a crystal clear view of the world on the other side of the glass. Appealing to your natural senses is an intentional design strategy homeowners can use to personalize their home.

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