Decorating with Window Transoms & Patterned Glass in New Jersey & New York

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As we continue our series about replacement window standards we’ll discuss transoms and patterned glass for your New Jersey or New York home. Window dealers often talk about Energy-Star ratings and performance metrics published by third-party agencies like the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), but they don’t often talk about other standards. This week’s Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro focus will cover glass quality standards and transom window options.

Recognize High-Quality Replacement Window Glass

Today, homeowners as so used to having a crystal clear view through their window, they don’t even think about the problems with which past generations had to contend. Old glass had character. They had bubbles, blisters, dark spots and waves that distorted the view. Properly manufactured modern insulated glass should remain pristine for as long as you live in your home, or until it is damaged or replaced. If you see any visual distortion when looking through the glass while comparing different replacement window brands, there is reason to believe something went wrong in the factory. Some companies have issues with seal failure in their insulated windows. When this happens, moisture gets between the individual panes of glass that make up the insulated glass unit, reducing their energy efficiency and resulting in cloudy “fogged” windows that obscure your view and the natural light that enters your home.

There are a couple of other reasons that home window glass may appear to have bubbles in the glazing. First, there is a phenomenon called Newton’s Rings. When the panels in a multi-pane window unit are not properly aligned, or one panel is “more spherical” than flat, it creates light interference that manifests itself as little prisms of light that look like bubbles when you press the glass with your finger. Improperly spaced and angled panels reduce the efficiency of between-the-pane gas. This phenomenon may indict gas levels are not adequate because the window unit developed a leak, allowing some or all of the gas to escape, or because the factory seal was improperly installed.

Light controlling films applied at home may also bubble over time and produce what looks like bubbles in the glass. By the way, you should never apply window film to replacement windows. Factory applied technology in high-quality replacement windows controls light transfer, and will never develop visual distortions.

Make sure to discuss any irregularities in window glass clarity and surface with your window dealer. To provide the highest energy-efficiency performance and maximize solar heat management, the glass should be flat, have a consistent thickness throughout the panel and provide a crystal clear view.

A Word About Obscure Glass Options & Transoms

Patterned glass is today’s version of art glass or Victorian era stained glass. This modern decorative glazing allows filtered sunlight to enter the home and can be manufactured in large or small panels. Patterned glass is a popular option for homeowners who wish to increase privacy in bathrooms and other private spaces. Installing a patterned glass transom in a large foyer creates dazzling prisms of light which gives an entrance a truly unique atmosphere.

A transom is the transverse bar, or other architectural feature, typically installed above an entrance door. A transom window resides above that bar, beneath the eaves. Today, they can be installed above other windows, as well. You’ll see half-circles, short-wide rectangles and other shapes utilized in transom windows. Many people automatically think of a half-circle with “fan-shaped” grilles when they hear the word transom. A ventilating transom crafted with pattern glass is a perfect decorative element in a bathroom, where you want both privacy and humidity control.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen New Jersey & New York Metro Decorative Elements

Learn more about Energy-Star labeled replacement window glass options for your New Jersey or New York Metro home that meet or exceed industry standards by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-888-826-2451 to schedule an in-home consultation today.

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