Summer may be over, but Autumn is such a fabulous time in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. We are fortunate to have myriad opportunities to get out and enjoy seasonal events. From leaf peeping in our many area parks to visiting the pumpkin patch for a hayride and hot apple cider, September and October are some of the most enjoyable times of the year. For homeowners who are considering updating their dwellings with replacement windows, the annual Archtober events give New York’s design community another chance to showcase the buildings that give NYC its character and personality.

Attending one of the 100+ films, public celebrations and tours is an excellent way to see up close how window style impacts aesthetics and function in both new and older buildings.

October is also National Window Covering Safety Month. All month there will be special events to inform and educate the general public about window treatments designed to look beautiful and reduce safety risks for children and pets. Last month our readers found information about enhancing safety with replacement window design choices, this post focuses on dressing your new windows with innovative window treatments that lower risks for the most vulnerable members of our families.

How Do Window Covering Choices Improve Safety?

Small children and the disabled may become entangled in dangling window treatment cords. Curious pets also are attracted by things that hang down and move when a breeze blows through an open window. To prevent the possibility of strangulation and entrapment, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) recommends people living with infants and children should avoid corded window coverings, or follow some basic guidelines to limit exposure to cords.

  1. Look for Best for Kids certified window treatments that bear the seal of approval for enhanced design safety.
  2. Shorten window cords to the shortest length possible, out of reach by inquisitive hands and paws.
  3. Whenever possible, choose non-corded window treatments, or curtains/shades with interior cords that aren’t easily accessible or visible from a child’s line of sight.
  4. Ensure cord stops are properly installed to prevent inner cord movement on shades, draperies and blinds
  5. Use a floor- or wall-anchor device to tightly secure continuous-loop pull cords often seen in draperies, roller shades and some vertical blinds
  6. When using older blinds and shades, consider installing a repair kit. The Window Covering Safety Council offers free kits for many styles. Get yours by visiting windowcoverings.org or dialing 800-506-4636.
  7. Look for corded blinds with a cord length no longer than 40 percent of the blind height. If you order custom-fitted window treatments either choose a no-cord option, or request cords that are inaccessible and/or follow the same length standards.
  8. Never position furniture or other movable objects that can be climbed to reach dangling cords near windows.

There are currently no rigorous standards for custom designed and made window treatments, but buyers can proactively request the highest safety standards to protect their families. As industry standards tighten, it is likely that soon almost all off-the-shelf corded window coverings will be manufactured with child safety in mind.

Creating Safer Home Environments is a Choice for New Jersey & New York Metro Homeowners

Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are designed and manufactured with a focus on home safety and security. If you need more information about window or window covering safety, simply fill in the short form on this page or call 1-888-826-2451 and speak to a replacement window specialist today.

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