Common Replacement Window Styles in New York & New Jersey, Part 2

Windows with Drama: Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Fixed Windows & Specialty Windows

In our first post on the most traditional replacement window styles available, we discussed Hung Windows, Horizontal Sliding Windows, Casement Windows, Awning Windows and Hopper Windows. In this post, we’ll continue our series discussing the more dramatic Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Fixed Windows and Specialty Windows.

Some of the more dramatic and unique windows include Bow Windows, Bay Windows, Garden Windows and Fixed Windows. Bay Windows, Bow Windows and Garden Windows extend out from the vertical wall of a building, adding architectural interest as well as additional room inside. They, like the other window we’ll discuss in this post, the Fixed Window, also admit more natural light into the home, making it feel more open and inviting.

Bay Windows

Replacement Bow Window
Replacement Bow Window

Bay Windows are a type of window that is actually made up of other windows. In most cases a Bay Window has three window planes that extend out from the side of the building. Because of their larger size, a Bay Window can make a room feel significantly larger and provide for greater views of the outside than single Windows. Usually, a Bay Window is made up of a center Fixed Window (discussed further below) flanked by two operable windows, most commonly Hung Windows or Casement Windows.

Bow Windows

Replacement Bow Window
Replacement Bow Window

Bow Windows are similar to Bay Windows in that they are made up of other windows, joined together into a window that projects out from the building. In contrast with Bay Windows, Bow Windows these days are usually constructed of all operable windows. In most cases these are made from the common Hung Window and Casement Window, but they can also include Awning Windows or any number of other common window styles. Bow Windows also usually have more than three operable windows (four or more) which enables them to provide a more graceful sweep from the building as opposed to the Bay Window’s angular projection.

Garden Windows

Less common than Bay Windows and Bow Windows are Garden Windows. These windows also project out from the vertical wall of a building, adding light and space, but rather than the angles of the formerly referenced window styles, the Garden Window has vertical sides that project at roughly 90-degree angles from the wall. Featuring an angled glass roof like a small sunroom, these Garden Windows provide an excellent source of light for growing and displaying plants and indoor-grown vegetables.

Fixed Windows

Replacement Picture and Specialty Windows
Replacement Picture and Specialty Windows

The main distinguishing feature of Fixed Windows is that they do not operate, or open. Their function is purely to let in natural light and provide views of the great outdoors. Without an operating sash, the Fixed Window cannot be opened to let in fresh air. In its larger sizes, the Fixed Window is often called a Picture Window because it appears to be simply a piece of glass with a frame to support it and attach it to either other windows or the side of the building.

Fixed Windows are often used to fill large openings to provide stunning views to the outside or can be used as accent windows, which are also called Specialty Windows. Because there is no need to build the window to move, have operable sashes in a Fixed Window they can be made in any number of shapes and sizes, allowing for creative use of glass on a building.

Fixed windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Because of their flexibility of design, Fixed Windows can be made in any number of standard and custom sizes to suit the needs of the building.

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