Choosing Replacement Windows & Patio Doors for Your New Jersey or New York Home Like a Pro  

Choose New Jersey New York Replacement Windows Like a ProIn a perfect world, our friends and neighbors in New Jersey & the New York Metropolitan area could trust every replacement window dealer to give them honest answers to their questions about energy efficiency ratings and warranty coverage. They would be able to find installers who were licensed and available if something goes wrong a few weeks or months after the installation. And, along with having confidence their windows will continue to perform as designed and built for many, many years, consumers would be satisfied after the installation with the way their new home improvement products look – without investing hours of personal labor and hard earned money every year on annual maintenance —  and perform.

As part of our belief that a well-informed customer is always the happiest customer after the sale, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro wants to give you the following information about comparing the different replacement windows available today.

Installing Replacement Windows Versus Replacing Home Windows

Unlike buying an out-of-the-box window to replace your aging or damaged existing windows, replacement windows are custom manufactured to exacting measurements that ensure the new windows will fit the structural opening left when we remove the current window unit. That means you won’t have to consult an additional construction expert outside your window installer to modify your exterior walls.

Considering Individual Components

When considering energy efficiency performance, remember that window ratings from the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) come from a research organization not affiliated with any one brand or dealership. Its R-factor and U-factor ratings give you information about the insulating ability and how well the glass is able to control heat transfer. Learn more from this article from the NFRC. Glass options provide different advantages for diverse environments.

Low-e glass has special, factory applied coatings that help control heat loss and gain effectively. The technology blocks UV rays which can damage textiles like fabrics and flooring. Heat reflecting glass panels prevent solar heat form coming indoors, so you can control your indoor climate better as summer temperature rise.

Irrespective of whether you want to control light or heat transfer, low-e glass with factory-applied coatings can help. Just remember that all glass is not created equal and both your indoor environment and the outdoor environment should influence your decision about which glass type is right for each new window for your home.

Comparing Replacement Window Frames & Performance

There are many different frame materials today – aluminum, fiberglass, wood, vinyl and Fibrex, a Renewal by Andersen exclusive composite created by combining wood and vinyl, are some of the most common frame types seen today.

Each frame type has some advantages and disadvantages:

  • Although it has been around a while, Fiberglass is still the newest type of frame material in this group As the new kid on the block, some windows with this type of frame tend to fall into a higher price-point than metal or wood.
  • Aluminum is lightweight, but condensation and heat transfer have been problems with this type of frame material in the past.
  • Vinyl has fewer condensation problems than aluminum, but isn’t as structurally sound as wood.
  • Wood frames have exceptional insulating values, but are usually require high-maintenance scraping, sanding and painting after a few years.
  • Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro’s Fibrex is energy-efficient, structurally stable and requires virtually zero maintenance to control mildew, rot or rust.

Covering All Your Bases with a Lifetime Window Warranty

While you’re checking prices and comparing construction components, remember to ask about warranty coverage. Professional contractors understand that even high-quality replacement windows designed to be virtually maintenance-free and extremely energy-efficient won’t perform as intended if the installation isn’t done properly. Your home window dealer should provide a copy (or an online link address) of their warranty before you place an order. At least they should be able to tell you if the warranty is transferable should you sell the home and if installation is covered – including parts and labor.

Glass, Frame, Installation and Warranty: Four Important Parts of the Replacement Window Puzzle

If you want to choose replacement windows and patio doors like a pro, ask about glazing options. Get the facts about special coatings and factory applied technology and how those features will help you control your indoor comfort. Remember that framing material influences energy efficiency and longevity. Finally, ask about warranty coverage before you make a final decision.

Choose Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows & Patio Doors With Confidence

We realize that we aren’t the only home replacement window and patio door dealer in the area, but we hope if you give us the chance to tell you why we are different, you’ll choose to let us help you with your project. Accept our invitation to schedule a no-obligation, in-home visit. You can ask all your questions about energy-efficiency ratings, construction materials, design features and price. We’ll give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. To reach us, just dial 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the short form on this page.


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