Cheap Replacement Windows Aren’t the Least Expensive in NJ & NY

cheap replacement windows New Jersey New York

Most consumers in New Jersey and New York appreciate a great deal when it comes to buying anything. But when making a large investment – like buying a car, buying a home or doing a major home renovation project, like updating with replacement windows, we’re really laser focused on getting the best deal.

You might be tempted to call around for the best price for your replacement windows, but because there are so many options, and Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro windows are custom made to fit your opening exactly to provide you the best performance and durability, there’s no way to provide an accurate quote over the phone. We can’t even “ballpark it” because any quote would be misleading and that’s not fair to you, or us.

At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro, we understand your frustration, but we strongly advise you not to settle for the cheapest option. Here’s why.

Comparing Apples to Elephants

Many people have been sucked into the deep-discount vortex – you know, where you see an advertisement offering replacement windows for $150 to $250 each, plus installation. Sounds great, doesn’t it. What those ads fail to mention is how they can sell, or at least offer, their products so inexpensive. To really understand which brand has the best price, you have to compare two similar window units, construction quality, features and benefits, warranty, cost of installation, etc. To do otherwise is like comparing apples to elephants.

Some New Jersey and New York metropolitan replacement window dealers advertise their lowest priced window – typically, a single-hung, white, vinyl, unadorned model in the smallest size, which probably won’t fit the opening left when the existing window is removed from your home. By the time you add the cost of hardware, grilles, interior and exterior color markups, installation and other “added features” your discount is nowhere to be found.

Cheap windows often have other invisible problems you won’t know about until long after the installation contractor disappears. We know, we’ve replaced hundreds of windows that were only a few years old. When a company offers rock bottom prices, with basic installation, they may hire inexperienced contractors to do the most important job – installing the windows precisely, according to manufacturer’s instructions, and protecting your warranty.

These low-cost contractors have to cut corners to keep the price down and still make a profit. Problems we have seen in the past include:

  • Failing to add foam insulation. This will cost you money every year on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Improperly installing flashing and capping that creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture. This can lead to real problems with mold and wood rot when water gets inside the framing of your home. It also will drive utility bills upward.
  • Low quality materials which fail prematurely. Can result in costly repairs, or even full replacement, down the road.
  • Homeowners have to pay for debris removal and/or haul away the old windows at their expense. Most sanitation crews won’t take construction materials if you leave them at the curb. Do you have a way to get this stuff to the local dump?

Often, discount replacement windows only have plain air between the panes. Air works in insulated glass, but heavier than air argon gas boosts insulation and energy-efficiency performance for minimal extra cost. Low-quality weather stripping, spacers and frame material won’t stand up to our harsh winters and scorching summer heat for more than a few years before they break down.

Factors Affecting Price Also Affect Performance

Window quality generally determines the price. A cheap window typically doesn’t perform or look like a high-quality, custom-crafted replacement window. When comparing price points, consider the following.

  • Overall window quality and appearance
  • Available options – hardware, optional locks, insect screens, etc.
  • Compare the NFRC label and look for ENERGY STAR certified glass choices.
  • Design features that make cleaning easier and safer
  • Installation technicians skills, experience and qualifications

Quality Outweighs Price

Cheap, poorly designed, improperly installed windows are a poor investment that will cost you more over time. Unless each replacement window is installed by a skilled technician you put your home at risk for water damage.

When weather stripping or sealants fail, new windows may cause more leaks than the old ones you replaced – resulting in higher, not lower, heating and cooling bills, and drafty corners and hot spots throughout your home, depending on the season.

Choose Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Replacement Windows, Where Value is Priced Right

Learn more about our full line of replacement windows and patio doors for your New Jersey or New York Metro home by filling in the short form on this page or calling 1-888-826-2451 today.


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