October 30, 2018 is National Weatherization Day in the United States. Each October since 1976, our nation has celebrated the people and organizations that help us reduce energy waste and improve the lives of our citizens through education and financial assistance to low income families who need a little help weatherizing their homes in New Jersey, metropolitan New York and in neighborhoods across the nation. This year Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro is encouraging all of our friends, family members and customers who already updated their homes with replacement windows to prioritize weatherization before the cold weather arrives.

What is Weatherization?

Weatherization is proactively inspecting your home and correcting any issues you find as a means to protecting the building from the elements. This means you search for problems in your home’s exterior that may lead to damage from wind, precipitation, sunlight and other natural weather elements. During the inspection, you should also check indoor plumbing, heating and cooling systems and vents for leaks or broken parts that could allow indoor humidity levels to escalate.

The primary goals of a weatherization project are to improve energy-efficiency and home safety, while reducing health hazards – like mold colonies that thrive in damp indoor environments.

While everyone benefits by saving money on heating and cooling costs and often create more comfortable indoor spaces, when done properly, enhancing home energy-efficiency also protects our environment.

According to the New York State Homes and Renewal agency, savings from weatherization can be significant, with homeowners enjoying “an average annual savings in excess of 20%” of energy costs for heating and air conditioning.

Finding Help in Your Neighborhood

New Jersey residents can visit https://www.state.nj.us/dca/divisions/dhcr/offices/wap.html to download an application or request assistance weatherizing their homes. Special consideration is available for disabled persons, income-eligible households and the elderly.

New York residents may call 518-474-5700 or e-mail weatherization@nyshcr.org to learn more about eligibility and local services.

The Role Replacement Windows Play in Weatherization

Home windows and doors account for at least 30% of a building’s exterior surface. Any complete home inspection will include a comprehensive look at each window. Gaps between the window unit and the home will allow air and moisture to pass through or around the window, potentially damaging the structure of your house as well as your interior trim, furnishings and personal belongings. Cracks in glass panes create drafts and cold spots in your home as well as drive up energy costs during the winter months. During summertime, conditioned air flows through inefficient, or damaged windows, which means you are paying to cool the great outdoors, rather than your home.

Modern, high-performance replacement windows manufactured with two glass panels joined together, properly spaced and filled with between-the-glass, insulating gas, enhance energy-efficiency while preventing air and moisture leaks. Special low-E coatings applied during manufacturing also help control radiant heat, which means you’ll spend less heating and cooling your home.

Not everyone who inspects their home will find that their windows are ready for retirement. One window with a bit of weather-stripping damage may be easily repaired. If you find numerous problems – rotting wood frames, broken glass with sections missing, windows nailed or glued shut because they won’t stay open without a prop – the best weatherization strategy may be to replace some, or all, of the aging, low-performing windows with ENERGY STAR labeled replacement windows designed to protect your investment for decades to come.

Celebrate National Weatherization Day in New Jersey and New York

Celebrate National Weatherization Day by scheduling a home consultation with a New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Specialist. Simply fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-888-826-2451 to learn more.


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