Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows for the Discerning

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

– Warren Buffett

sports-carThere’s a reason most people don’t buy a new car sight unseen. A true car enthusiast wants to feel the power surging beneath the floorboard as he navigates the open road – driving is the adventure, not the destination. Buyers looking for a family car want to get a first-hand look at the cargo space and safety features. Long-distance commuters rely on a test drive to compare leg room, entertainment and technology packages and upholstery options.

Discernment is the ability to separate fact from fiction. Discerning shoppers know they won’t be happy with anything less than a perfect fit, whether it’s in a car, a new suit or replacement windows.

Discerning shoppers – those who know what they want and are willing to wait for it – are some of the best people with which to work. Well-informed consumers make wiser financial investments and are happier with their purchases than people who simply look for the cheapest version of a product that minimally meets their needs.

Educated-consumersA recent Accenture news release revealed some interested tidbits about  shoppers. Almost 70% of digital shoppers said it’s important to be able to “get what they want, when they want it” and 63% said they want to customize products or services to exactly fit their expectations. Here at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey, we like that attitude. Our goal is to help each replacement window client design their windows tailored to his or her lifestyle, design goals and price point.

So, for all you discerning shoppers out there, here’s how we help you make wise choices. We hope this is one time you’ll say “yes” and allow us to help you design replacement windows for your New Jersey home.

Just Give Me the Facts

Replacement Windows Tax CreditWe believe our replacement windows are among the best on the market, but don’t take our word for it. Our Energy Star Awards and energy efficiency ratings, which are based on rigorous national standards, speak for themselves. Any time a window consultant quotes a statistic or fact about our products, you can be certain an independent research firm or relevant industry organization concurs. We’re always willing to point you to the source for additional research.

Show Me Customization

ColorChipsCompositeWith dozens of color combinations, a full portfolio of hardware options and accessories and seven primary window styles, customizing your window packages is incredibly easy and exciting. Choose from an awning, casement, bays and bows, picture, and sliding styles. We also offer more than a dozen specialty windows that include our own Circle TopTM and SpringlineTM designs and the following shapes:Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Specialty Window Styles

  • Chord
  • Triangle
  • Peak Pentagon
  • Octagon
  • Right Triangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Equal Leg and Unequal Leg Arch
  • Among others

With so many options, creating a distinctive aesthetic is limited only by your imagination and your decorating goals. But wait, there’s more….

Add Value and Comfort

Controlling your home environment is probably a key criterion in your replacement window selection. With high-performance replacement windows, you get to take control of energy consumption and light levels inside your home. Save money on utility bills – up to 25%, depending other factors such as your HVAC unit and behavior patterns.

NEw Jersey Replacement Window GlassGlass choices let you choose whether you want to allow all the sunshine possible to flood into your home or you’d prefer a coated glass that reduces visible sunlight, provides more UV protection and reduces Solar Heat Gain.

Renewal by Andersen's TruScreen Replacement Window Insect ScreenOur TruScene insect screens allow you to enjoy fresh air without worrying about the pesky critters sneaking into your interior spaces. Since our screens come in colors and finishes that blend with our replacement windows, you’ll have a virtually invisible screen with 50% more clarity than standard screens afford.

Between Glass Window GrilleWindow Grille options add even more versatility to your window design choices. Select from removable, applied and between the glass options in colors or ready to be finished wood.

New Jersey Replacement Window LockHardware choices multiply the customization options exponentially. Choose from different colors, finishes and hardware styles to get just the right window for you.

Low-maintenance frames mean no more scraping, painting and resurfacing every year to keep your windows attractive.

With easy-clean features that reduce water spots up to 99% on outside glass surfaces and enable cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home, our replacement windows save you time and energy.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Invites Discerning Shoppers to Explore our Replacement Window Options

We understand that finding the highest quality home improvement products is important to you. It would be our pleasure to help you explore the myriad decorative and functional replacement window options available. Give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the box above for more information. We know you expect exceptional products and services – fortunately, that’s all we have to offer.

Subtle Window & Home Decorating Tricks for Spring

Now that you’ve updated the windows and doors in your New Jersey home – or even if you’re still comparing your replacement window options – we thought you might enjoy a few decorating tips that won’t break the budget or take weeks to accomplish.

Whether you’re celebrating spring’s arrival or planning a neighborhood soirée, subtle decorative changes give your living spaces a fresh new look.

Give Your Fireplace a New Purpose

Now that your fireplace isn’t working non-stop to heat your home, turn your decorating focus toward the firebox and mantel with three simple steps.

Number One: Give your mantel a dramatic backdrop with bright floral wallpaper. Frame the firebox and mantel with your wall covering choice or redo the entire wall, depending on your architectural details.

Number Two: To develop the spring theme, furnish your mantel with miniature gardening tools, metal watering cans or framed prints.

Number Three: Tie your room together with complementary door stops, fresh slipcovers for your throw pillows and coordinating finials or drapery accessories.

Natural Window DecoratingFor a more organic tone, skip the wallpaper and decorate with natural elements. Mount a dried wisteria wreath with delicate pastel ribbon embellishments above the mantelpiece. Place an oversized piece of driftwood inside the firebox – after a thorough cleaning to remove winter soot and ash, of course. Add several glass bottles of varying heights and shapes, seashells or other mementos gathered from your most recent outdoor adventure to tie the theme together.

Whether you choose to mimic the natural surroundings outside your beautiful bay windows or you want to create a serene atmosphere that reminds you of the wonderful New Jersey shore, be consistent with your decorating style.

Replace small picture frames with similarly themed styles. Update indoor plant containers with spring colors. Create a smaller version of your mantelpiece decorations as a centerpiece for coffee tables or your dining table if you are redecorating a great room in your home.

Make a Bold Statement in the Powder Room

If vibrant yellows and bold pinks in your flowerbed have you wishing you could be more bold with your decorating style, the powder room is an excellent place to express your creativity. Paint or paper your walls with splashes of ocean blue, apple green or canary yellow. Limit your wall accessories to one or two over-sized pieces. Let the wall color set the tone and mood by bringing in white towels, a plain white shower curtain and white counter top accessories.

Serenity in the Bedroom

If you have a hinged French-style patio door in your bedroom, you have the perfect environment to create a relaxing space for your New Jersey home. The right shades of blue and green melded together deliver a Caribbean-inspired backdrop.

IMGP3356-XLPaint the walls a light shade of blue like Benjamin Moore’s morning glory or Mediterranean breeze. Bring in white linens and a bright white duvet cover to contrast a spring-green throw draped across the foot of your bed. Add a few white throw pillow with contrasting stitching or applique design elements and your have set the overall mood for your room.

Add visual interest with a royal dark blue lamp shade, a few well-placed pieces of artwork and updated hardware for your doors that match the look and feel of your space.

Quick Tips for Every Room


  • Want to create an open, airy space? Bring in plenty of soft blue hues and organic fabrics. Think cotton, linen, and woven textiles like bamboo and hemp.
  • Paint the ceiling a pale blue to create an illusion of more overhead space.
  • The simplest color scheme is white. Use texture and shape to add interest.
  • Want to draw attention to your window seat in front of a large bow window? Combine neutral cushion covers with bold, dramatic throw pillows. Keep curtains simple.
  • Replace boring overhead light fixtures and ceiling fans with eye-catching chandeliers or antique fixtures to create a unique focal point for your room.

You’re Invited to Call Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey

We hope these subtle decorating tips – and a few more elaborate suggestions – will inspire you to celebrate warm weather and the arrival of spring after a long winter season.

Our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement window and door specialists invite you to give us a call if you have questions about our products or services. You can reach us at 1-888-826-2451 or by filling out the form on this page.


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How to Dress Your New Jersey Windows & Doors for Spring

New Jersey Spring Window TreatmentsAfter months of frigid, arctic weather, all of us New Jersey residents have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring-like temperatures. As longer, warmer days return, we all get that familiar seasonal urge to throw open the shutters (or window treatments) and let the natural light pour inside.

In honor of the calendar change – and rising temperatures – our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey team thought you might like a few pointers to help you satisfy those natural light urges with some simple decorating tips. Bring springtime indoors with creative, rejuvenating colors and fabrics that accentuate your beautiful windows and energize your rooms.

Spring into Action with a Plan

Spring weather and gentle breezes seem to compel us to grab the dust mop and chase winter dust-bunnies from corners and hiding places under the sofa. If your Spring Cleaning spree inspires you to rearrange furniture and resurface your walls with vibrant splashes of color, explore the splendid 2014 spring collection from Pantone before you decide on window treatments.

Want a softer, gentler spring color collection for your reading room or boudoir? Check out the trending color palette from Benjamin Moore that focuses on muted, relaxing tones that create a serene setting. While some decorators suggest you start setting the tone with walls and large pieces of furniture, there is nothing wrong with choosing a fabric swatch for curtain fabrics as your focal point. The important thing is to decide which mood or tone you want to create in each room or living space.

Defining Your Window Style

Minimalist Perspective

If you want to showcase your replacement windows in a minimalist decorating scheme, consider mini-blinds or traditional wood blinds with narrow slats. One benefit of blinds is that you get superior light control. You can choose either stationary models or raise-and-lower versions, depending on your window type. Wooden blinds give you flexibility to accentuate your windows and doors with contrasting color variations or complimenting colors that blend for a sleek, modern feel.

Contemporary Perspective

Roman shades are a familiar go-to style for contemporary styling, especially in older homes with lots of character and personality. Find roman shades in dozens of colors, fabrics and textures to bring fresh spring details into your spaces. Fold sizes vary from narrow to almost four inches depending on the manufacturer. Many companies sell styles with child-safety features that eliminate dangling cords that entice inquisitive minds. Shades roll up or down and stack neatly for easy access for cleaning panes.

Traditional Perspective

If your home has a traditional style, you can easily bring spring colors into your home to complement the overall decorating style. Choose full-length drapes that rest just above the floor, or leave a few inches for a soft puddle effect. Hang drapes with stained or painted rings that match your window frame and grille color scheme. Split drapes that open in the center and push to each side give a symmetrical frame with a full unobstructed view outside. For a more polished look, push panels to one side and add a broad sash or other tie-back embellishment.

Give Your Windows Personality with Accessories

These three suggestions are just a small sampling of available window treatment styles. Whether you choose to showcase your bay windows and doors with gauzy white lace curtains or window treatments crafted from bold, buttery yellow fabrics, you can add finishing touches to create eye-popping settings.

Updating your hardware is one subtle change that is worth the effort. If you decide to hang curtains or drapes with bright, floral designs, a brushed nickel hardware set counteracts the boldness without distracting the eye. Here are some other accessory options to consider for your spring window makeover.

  • Add unique finials to your rods. There are ornate and simple styles that come in ceramic, wood, plastic, metal and other materials.
  • Add trim to the sides or hemlines of drapes. Beads, tassels, border prints and ribbons add contrasting textures and colors that coordinate with furniture upholstery and wall color.
  • Choose hanging appliances that act as stand alone decorations. An intricately carved wooden curtain rod and over-sized rings is one example. You could also use non-traditional materials (such as a cast iron “post” ) to support gently draped sheer textiles.

Decorating Help From Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey

Warmer weather and longer days bring the urge to open the windows; letting the fresh air and sunshine pour in. If you need help deciding which window treatments are best for your replacement windows give us a call.

If spring weather has inspired you to replace aging windows in your New Jersey home, we invite you to give us a call and let us help you design new windows for your home. Reach us toll-free at 1-888-826-2451 or just enter your contact information in the box above.

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Choosing Easy-Care Window Treatments for Patio Doors New Jersey

Door window treatments in New JerseyThe biggest part of your replacement window remodel in New Jersey might seem like the overhaul itself, but the biggest transformation happens when you add the finishing touches like the curtains you use on those bay windows, or the roman shades you install on the sparkling new panes in your bedroom.

Patio doors offer an interesting challenge. They’re big, and they have a lot of glass area. While that’s great for letting in light and providing views outdoors, sometimes you might want a little privacy. The challenge is to find “window” treatments to provide you and your family with privacy, while not blocking the views when you want them. Further complicating the issue is the fact that patio doors are opened and closed a lot more often than windows and you don’t want your treatments to get in the way or get caught between the door and the jamb. You want to enjoy your new investment, but you don’t want the hassle of high-maintenance drapes.

The following tips should help get you started determining what design options work well for patio doors—and how can you install curtains that don’t get in the way of everyday life.

Consider the Purpose of Your Patio Door Treatments

The first step in the process is to ask yourself a few questions. This step might seem a bit too obvious, but clearly defining your goals will help you clarify your preferences and options before you wade too deep in the window-treatment selection process.

  • Why do you want curtains?
  • Is it purely for style?
  • Do you want added privacy?
  • How important is light control to you?
  • Are you looking for a combination that includes all of the above?

Hinged French Doors

If you’re investing in Renewal by Andersen’s hinged or outswing patio doors for your New Jersey home, your curtain options aren’t limited; however some curtain styles might get in the way of easy entry and exit. Depending on your door’s design, you may be able to install Roman shades over the glass directly on the door itself. There are a number of installation choices today that don’t require you to drill into the door to attach hardware. Ask your replacement window specialist or consult a drapery professional before drilling into the door to attach hardware. This ensures you don’t damage your new window frames or void any part of your replacement window warranty.

Another elegant option? Install traditional drapes—constructed with high-quality washable fabric—on a rod stretching across the width of your French doors. Grommeted panels work best for patio doors because they glide open and close effortlessly.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors allow even more options. Roman shades make an unobtrusive, classic window covering, easily allowing you to control sunlight and privacy levels. Consider hiring a professional for custom fabrication to get a perfect fit to showcase your doors.

Grommeted curtain panels work equally well with sliding patio doors. They slide easily over the rod, which can be anything from a minimalist chrome bar to a richly-carved wooden rod and intricately carved finials. Your design options are only limited by the varied fabrics on the market.

Oversized curtains don’t have to overwhelm your space; if you’re going for a light, breezy feel, try gauzy white curtains for both privacy and atmosphere. Cozier spaces can be completed by warmer, richer draperies to complement your room’s décor. For even more control over your space’s atmosphere, layer sheer and solid curtain panels on a double-rod.

Fabric Types

If you have pets or small children, you’ll want to take extra steps to make sure your patio door curtains are as tough and long-lasting as possible. Indoor/outdoor curtains are usually constructed with tough, weather-resistant polyester blends that resist fading and hold up well to constant use — an important feature for drapes covering door areas.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can craft your own curtains using high-quality fabrics; you’ll find that shower curtain fabric both drapes beautifully and holds up well to the elements. For a breezier, more translucent look, look for muslins or easy-care, wash and dry 100 percent cotton fabrics. Reduce ironing chores by air drying 100 percent cotton curtains or remove from the dryer when slightly damp.

Quick Patio Door Decorating Tips

  • For a traditional look, use a stationary valance or half-curtain above a single panel that slides to the side or multiple panels that open to frame for your door.
  • Vertical blinds come in fabric, wood, plastic, bamboo and other materials to help you create an overall tone and feel to complement your decorating style.
  • Cellular shades offer added privacy without blocking natural light.
  • Cornice boards and specialty fabrics let you create diverse decorating schemes from elegant to playful, depending on the texture, color and shape you choose.

Need More Easy-Care Advice for Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Patio Doors?

Whether you need more information about Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey’s warranty and the proper way to install window treatments or you want information about new products and services, we can help. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 for a free consultation.

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Which New Jersey Replacement Window & Door Styles Are Easiest to Clean?

Replacement Window Cleaning New JerseyNow that you have some basic ideas about which Renewal by Andersen replacement windows will look great in your New Jersey home from our prior blog posts, you might be wondering which window styles are easiest to clean.

We know you don’t want to spend hours cleaning and polishing your windows every week, so, every Renewal by Andersen replacement window design makes it efficient and easy for New Jersey homeowners to keep their windows working well and looking beautiful without spending countless hours on maintenance.

To help you make the final decision about which window to order — or to help you make sure your view is always perfect — here are some recommendations for cleaning different window styles and accessories.

Tools of the Trade

You don’t need expensive solutions or equipment to clean any Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement window. Soft lint-free cloths, a mild cleaning solution and a squeegee will do the trick. Always avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals that can pit or scratch glass and frame surfaces. Keep in mind it’s best to clean on a cloudy day if windows catch direct sunlight. This keeps your solution from drying too quickly and helps cut down on streaks and smears.

Both ammonia and vinegar can dry out weather-stripping and sealants. A mild soapy solution is best for cleaning and vinegar-based solutions can help you remove any residue left for a streak-free, picture-perfect view.

You can make a mild cleaning solution with supplies found in almost every home or by commercial cleaners. Here’s a simple recipe if you prefer to make your own solution:

Cleaning Recipe for One or Two windows:

  • 1 cup clean tap water
  • 1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar

Cleaning Recipe for Larger or Tougher Window Cleaning:

  • 8 cups water
  • 1/8-1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap

Cleaning is Easy with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Designs

Fixed Pane Styles

Cleaning fixed windows — with or without removable grilles — is easy. You clean the interior surfaces of fixed windows from inside your home and the exteriors on the outside. For your own safety, we recommend hiring a professional to clean upper-floor fixed windows unless you have safety ladders and extension equipment.

You can order between-the-glass grilles for fixed windows that make cleaning a breeze and give you versatile design options. Simply ask your replacement window representative to see samples of different grille styles for inspiration.

Gliding Windows

Sliders are energy-efficient and easy to clean. You can clean both the interior and exterior surfaces from inside your home — no need to consult with a professional.

  • First remove grilles, if necessary; then clean the interior glass.
  • Next, move each sash to the center of the opening.
  • Remove the interior sash by lifting slightly and pulling the bottom of the sash toward you.
  • Remove the outer sash in the same manner.
  • Once the windows are clean on both sides, reinstall the windows one at a time.
  • Check to make sure your sash is installed properly by closing and locking the windows.

If you have removable grilles, watch this short video to see how easy it is to remove grilles before cleaning and reinstall after the job is finished.

Double Hung Windows

Renewal by Andersen Double Hung windows are built with easy maintenance features. Using the wash-assist tabs allows you to tilt both the upper and lower sash to a 90 degree angle for access to exterior surfaces from inside your home. Clean the exterior first; then return each sash to its original position. Finally, clean the interior surfaces.

Casement Windows

If you have screens, remove the screens before cleaning to allow full access. To access both surfaces from inside your home, simply open the window fully. If you have large windows, or windows with egress hinges, you may not be able to reach all surfaces from inside. If you have a squeegee with a long, or telescoping handle, you may be able to reach the far edge of a Casement Window from inside; otherwise cleaning large casement windows is a two-step process. Clean the interior from inside your home; then go outdoors to clean exterior surfaces.

We have helpful tips and information about all of our products to help you choose the best windows for your home and to help you take care of your windows to make sure they serve you for many, many years.

Ask a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Representative for More Information

We are here to help you make the best and most informed decisions about replacement windows and accessories. Need more information about cleaning hardware and taking care of screens and exterior grilles? Just give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 (or fill in your information in the box above) and ask how you can get our Renewal by Andersen Repair and Maintenance Guide.


Replacement Patio Door Styles to Increase Efficiency & Comfort in New Jersey

Are you tired of tripping over the “draft dodger” every time you step out the patio door of your New Jersey home? Maybe your door drags and sticks, making it a chore to open and close. Could be you’re tired of repainting the frame and replacing weather-stripping every spring. Whatever your reasons for considering investing in new replacement patio doors, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey has solutions to make your shopping experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Our line of patio door styles and accessories has a broad array of options guaranteed to add comfort and convenience to your home – and to banish your draft dodger forever. Building a custom patio door allows you to create an entrance that perfectly aligns with your current décor or renovation visions.

Here’s a quick overview of basic styles to get you started.

Sliding Patio Doors – Contemporary Styles

One of the most popular sliding door options for Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey shoppers is the Contemporary Sliding Patio Door. Manufacturing details that include superior moisture blocking and air leak prevention, High Performance glass and multiple color options make this style an excellent choice for any home. For homeowners that want a large viewing area and low-profile frame, this is our go-to recommendation.

You can choose from styles with stainable interiors that make redecorating easy and affordable (Narroline® Gliding Patio Doors) and low-maintenance wood frames (Andersen® Perma-Shield® Gliding Patio Doors). Both frame styles come with easy-glide tracks – no more straining to push and pull to get the door opened or closed.

Slider (Glider) French-Style Patio Doors

Replacement Patio French Doors New JerseyThe wide profile of sliding French patio doors sets a traditional tone for your home. Renewals by Andersen sliding French patio doors give you the look of a swing-out/swing-in door without taking up valuable floor space.

You give up a little of the viewing area with a French sliding door when compared to a Contemporary Slider, but you still have the space-saving design that gives you more decorating options for furniture layout and decorating preferences. Plus, you never sacrifice options for hardware, energy-efficient glass features or screen choice.

Want to get a better idea of which style is better suited for your home? Use the Renewal by Andersen window and door visualizer to play around with different styles and colors. You can browse an extensive gallery that represents a variety of home environments or choose to upload personal photos to see how your choices will look in your own home.

French Patio Doors – Hinged Styling

Replacement French Patio Door New JerseyNew Jersey homeowners looking for an “old-world” decorating scheme that has all the advantages of built-in 21st century technology and design features often choose our Hinged French Patio Door styles. In brief, here’s watch you get:

  • Superior, high-performance glass
  • Wide opening for easy entrance and exit
  • A multi-point locking system
  • Solid wood construction
  • Dozens of design options for color, hardware and grille details

We understand that many homeowners want design features that won’t limit choices in the future. You won’t be happy with your home upgrades if you’re forced to choose color options that can’t be changed when your decorating vision changes. That’s why Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement windows and patio doors have features that include stainable interiors and a wide selection of grille choices.

Adding Accessories and Design Features

Once you narrow down the basic frame style for your patio door, the really fun part begins. Our window specialists can help you decide if you want removable grilles, between-the-glass grilles, or a style that only affects upper portions of the glass, like our short or long-fractional style. Of course, you’ll probably want to consider adding insect screens so you can keep the doors open for ventilation but keep the bugs outdoors where they belong. You also have seven choices for glass types that give you total control of your viewing experience.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and You

We want your replacement patio door shopping journey to be a pleasant experience from the moment you reach out to us until you are relaxing in your home, enjoying your new view of the world on the other side of the glass.

Whether you are ready to order today, or you need some more information, we invite you to call us at 1-888-826-2651. You can also type in your contact information in the box above and we will reach out to you when it is most convenient for you.