5 Tips to Prevent Mistakes When Replacing Home Windows

5 Tips to Prevent Mistakes When Replacing Home Windows

Thinking about updating your home’s exterior? It might surprise you to learn how little, subtle mistakes can make a huge negative impression on a home’s exterior. This Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro article will help you avoid four common mistakes people make when giving their home’s facade a make-over.

#1. Installing Shutters That Don’t Even Pretend to Work

Have you ever seen an otherwise beautiful home, with a pleasing curb appeal, but knew something wasn’t quite right? The reason could be the shutters were too narrow for the windows. Functioning shutters are perfectly sized to cover the window when closed. Even if you don’t plan to ever use these charming accessories, make sure they appear functional.

#2. Shutters That Don’t Complement the Replacement Windows

Another common fail also has to do with installing shutters. Adding shutters to a replacement window that looks perfect without them can be a real distraction. Some designers say that shutters and double-mulled windows clash, even if the shutters are sized perfectly. Unless you plan to use the shutters as weather barriers, skip them on bays and bows, most dormers and large, fixed windows, too.

#3. Too Many Window Styles Create Chaos

Most interior and exterior decorators will tell you not to be afraid to express yourself by unconventional design techniques. But, when it comes to mixing and matching window styles, shape plays an integral role in defining your overall aesthetic. A single window with a curved top, or several placed symmetrically across the front of your home often adds visual texture.

However, a miss-mash of random shaped windows, with different shapes and sizes can look messy instead of marvelous. Even changing window grill patterns can mess up the look.

Here’s a tip: Prairie grille patterns are endemic (seen all the time) in Craftsman, Prairie and Arts and Crafts style architecture. They can look a bit out of place in other settings. Consider using the Renewal by Andersen Window and Door Visualizer to “try on” different window shapes and grille patterns before finalizing your buying decision.

#4. Dormers that Disturb the View

Creating a harmonious curb-appeal means choosing complementary window styles and accessories. While dormers, and even miniature bay windows, offer a touch of individuality and visual interest, dormers should complement and extend the overall aesthetic.

A general rule of thumb is that the window should consume about ¾ of the dormer, anything less looks like an add-on without much thought, kind of like painting one door on a black car white. It draws the eye, but not in a good way.

You can balance a single (or multiple) dormers with existing architectural features by adding an entrance pediment with the same roof pitch and paint as the dormer or bay.

#5. Seek Professional Help to Avoid Mistakes

Fortunately, decades of helping our New Jersey and New York metropolitan friends and neighbors has given Renewal by Andersen the experience to guide homeowners toward wise choices. We can offer tips and strategies to make the process more efficient.

The easiest way to avoid making these simple missteps is spending some time looking at homes in your neighborhood with similar architectural styles and elements. Browse online design magazines. Visit the inspiration gallery to explore options for your home upgrade.

And, if you’re still not sure which grille pattern or style will help you create a beautiful facade, just ask.

Let Renewal by Andersen Help Bring Your Vision for a Beautiful Home to Life with Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

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