A Closer Look at Casement Windows for New Jersey & New York

casement windows new jersey new york

When exploring replacement window options for updating your New Jersey or New York Metro home or office, you’ll find there are plenty of style choices. Whether you choose double-hung, awnings, sliding windows or one of the other styles depends on many factors – including your lifestyle and personal preferences. Like other styles, casement replacement windows offer many advantages for homeowners.

Let’s take a closer look a Renewal by Andersen casement windows with side-mounted hinges to see if this style is a good fit for your family and your home’s architecture.

Casement Windows Often Offer a Wider Window Opening Compared to Other Replacement Window Styles

The side-mount hinge design that pivots outward literally encourages air flow. Proper ventilation keeps indoor air from becoming stale and keeps your home cooler during mild weather when you don’t need or want to run your air conditioning system. Compared to a single- or double-hung window that only opens “partially,” this design allows you to take full advantage of the window unit size, so, you’ll get more air circulation from a casement replacement window compared to a window that opens horizontally with the same dimensions.

Casement Windows Are Flexible Enough to Complement Diverse Architectural Features

The single-lever operating handle makes this style perfect for placement high on a wall, over a tub and in other areas where it would be difficult to safely open and close the window without a step stool or ladder. And, you can configure a single window to open from a left- or right-mounted hinge for convenience or to accommodate architectural features. Plus, you may opt to add grilles for a bit of visual texture or leave them off to provide a clear view of the world outside.

Window Grilles are available in four standard patterns, as well as custom designs. So, flexibility in design ensures you have options to dress up this versatile style to bring your vision to life. Selecting detachable interior window grilles or between-the-glass grilles makes cleaning a breeze, and wood interiors allow you to resurface your wood components if you decide to update the interior decor at some point in the future. Whether you want a simple, minimalist appearance or you want to add a touch of elegance, replacement windows will enhance the beauty of your home. This style also works well mounted above, below or beside other operable styles as well as fixed windows.

Keep in mind that you can decide whether single- or dual-sash casement configurations are best for your home. So each window unit could be hinged from the same side, or you can choose to have two windows, hinged on opposite sides to create a look similar to French-style patio doors when open. If you choose the latter, and leave off the grilles, the only thing interfering with your view would be the “strip” between the two window units.

Casement Windows Boost Security in Your New Jersey or New York Metro Home

Casement windows have unique locks that are often more difficult to manipulate than some other styles. If a would-be-intruder tries to use a pry bar to gain access to your home, they would probably unseat the screws before they could defeat the lock. And, criminals want a quick, simply way to gain entry that doesn’t involve making a lot of noise that would come from breaking the glass.

Safety Tip: Remember that casement windows will have interior mounted insect screens. If you have small children in the home, don’t expect insect screens to prevent a child from falling through an open window or pushing their way outdoors. TruScene screens do an excellent job of preventing no-see-ums, dust, pollen and other irritants from getting inside, but they are not designed as a safety feature.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Casement Windows are Designed with Your Family in Mind

Casement replacement windows offer many advantages. They can be custom-built in a wide variety of sizes, so you can install a small window over the sink, or replace a large, over-sized picture window overlooking the garden. Unless you have very large windows, you can even clean both surfaces from inside your home without removing any panels or having to tilt in the sash. Simple, elegant and functional. Ready to explore design features more thoroughly for the incredible casement window? Just fill in the short form on this page and request a brochure. Better yet, call us toll-free at 1-888-826-2461 and schedule a private, in-home consultation with a replacement window specialist today.


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