Can Windows Solve Your New Jersey or New York Home’s Problems?

Windows Solve Home PRoblems New Jersey New York

Have you ever wondered if replacement windows could fix problems other than improving the view from your New Jersey or New York home? By now, most people know that modern window upgrades provide opportunities to enhance energy-efficiency and shave dollars off the monthly heating and air conditioning bills. However, innovative Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro window and patio door products can do so much more than give you a crystal clear of the .

Here are three practical ways that windows can enhance the comfort, beauty and health of your home.

Problem #1: My house feels dark and depressing, even with the curtains open and every light in the house on.

Sometimes, it isn’t the number of windows in a home, but the style that prevents sunlight from spreading into the corners of each room to chase away the shadows. Replacing wide-framed windows with a low-profile style, such as sliders, creates a larger glass panel, allowing more natural sunlight to pass through the glass. Also, updating a solid door with a glass door provides an opportunity to bring more natural light into the home. Add side-lites and transoms to increase light flow even more.

An experienced replacement window and patio door specialist can help you explore innovative solutions that don’t require extensive remodeling to accomplish your goals. After the replacement window installation, make sure to use decorating principles used by interior designers to maximize available natural light.

Problem #2: Some rooms seem smaller than they actually are. Can replacement windows help me get rid of the claustrophobic atmosphere?

When you have short, narrow interior spaces, simply replacing a bulky window with a streamlined, fixed window or gliding style sometimes isn’t enough to expand the look and feel of the room. Bay windows, especially those designed for compact spaces, dramatically open up a cramped room. Configured with several window units, the bay doubles, or triples, the glass surface, ushering in abundant natural light. And, the illusion is complemented by a bit of real, livable floor space when you’re replacing existing windows positioned on the wall close to the floor.

Compact spaces automatically feel roomier when you remove clutter and downsize furniture. Consider repainting the walls and updating furniture with light-colored fabric. If you don’t want to reupholster, you can purchase custom-tailored or off-the-shelf slip covers.

Problem #3: My house smells stale or sickly.

That stale smell is a sure sign your windows aren’t allowing sufficient airflow to keep indoor air quality high. Health benefits, including improved air quality, are one of the perks that come with installing new home windows. People who are living with aging windows that are nailed or painted shut, or that have gaps that allow dust, pollen and other allergens to flow unchecked into your home often report respiratory ailments, problems sleeping, irritated eyes and throat and frequent headaches. Remember to ask about high-quality insect screens that help prevent pollen and even the tiniest irritating insects from entering your home through an open window.

Are You Ready to Solve Your New York or New Jersey Home’s Window Problems with Beautiful Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows?

Windows are an essential part of every home in New York and New Jersey. When you fix common problems such as low light levels and poor ventilation, with modern replacement windows you’ll feel better about the way your home looks and functions. And, you may even feel healthier and more relaxed with more light and without all the bothersome airborne debris floating around inside your house. Get started today by filling in the short form on this page to request a call back, or to schedule a free, no-obligation home inspection call 1-888-826-2451.


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