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Small Business Saturday is a national program designed to encourage local New Jersey and New York metropolitan residents (and people all across our nation) to spend the day supporting local businesses in their cities and neighborhoods. The initiative designates one weekend every November to remind shoppers that patronizing local enterprises is good for everyone – local residents, our planet and small business owners that often struggle to compete with big box stores and national brands.

Of course, you may be wondering why this Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro post focuses on a fall day still months in the future, and how replacement windows fit into the conversation. Simply stated: Whether you’re buying local produce, hand-made furniture, fresh bakery items or replacement windows from a local merchant, you’re doing something that is good for our local economy and our communities. That action shouldn’t be limited to one day a year.

Buying Local Is Not a New Concept

Long before mobility was synonymous with smart phones and on-the-go Internet service, the concept of mobility was directly tied to distance and transportation modes. People accessed food, construction materials, medicinal herbs and other necessities from sources within walking distance or the capabilities of their beasts of burden. Long distance trade for precious metals, exotic fabric and luxury items was usually out of reach for most people.

Today, convenience, economies of scale and instant access to merchants all over globe mean consumers can get almost anything, from almost anywhere, at a price they want to pay. Today, the choice to support local business owners needs to be an intentional decision to shape the local retail landscape.

Benefits of Localized Trade

Buying local isn’t just about saving small businesses. When you purchase products from an independent business, you’ll see benefits like these:

  • Trading locally strengthens relationships and enables more personalized service.
  • Locally sources of food means you can verify how the food was grown, and follow its journey from the field or farm to the family table.
  • Supporting the local infrastructure ensures jobs are created, wealth generated stays in the region and thriving businesses become partners advocating for libraries, neighborhood parks and other amenities that make each neighborhood unique and special.
  • We expand our social networks, discovering common values and learning new skills from one another.
  • Communities are safer because we form stronger bonds with each other.

And, while localized trading doesn’t necessarily eliminate carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and long-distance transportation, it helps business leaders make wiser decisions about sustainable practices and materials sourcing.

The Replacement Window Connection

At its core, buying replacement windows isn’t that much different than buying anything else. Local dealers provide personalized service, invest heavily in building trust and confidence, and give back to their communities by hiring local residents and encouraging volunteer efforts with a top-down approach.

The Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro business model brings all the best of both national and local partnerships together. We reinvest in our local neighborhoods, hire local residents and drive economic growth and stability by patronizing local brands whenever possible. And, we leverage more than a century of experience to ensure quality and performance.

Learn More About Your Local Replacement Window & Patio Door Dealer

As you plan your home-renovation project, we invite you to visit our Cranford, NJ showroom to get a personal tour and see life-sized examples of our full range of replacement window styles. Ask about our sustainability policies and energy efficiency performance awards. To learn more about the difference it makes when you work with a neighborhood brand that values your time and financial investment, just fill in the short form on this page to request more information or call 1-888-826-2451.


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