Bring Light Into Your Life with New Jersey Replacement Windows

No More Dark, Dreary Rooms  

New Jersey Replacement Windows Add LightAs New Jersey replacement window specialists, we spend most of our time sharing the financial and energy conservation benefits and perks of installing replacement windows and patio doors with our neighbors. Today, we want to talk about the “emotional” benefits high-performance replacement windows can have on your life.

There’s nothing that lifts your mood and spirits like an abundance of natural light. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) suffers know just how bad being deprived of natural light can make you feel. And everyone will likely agree that a home just feels and looks more inviting bathed with warm sunshine.

But, it’s fall and winter is just a few weeks away. The air has turned cool and crisp, leaves are crackling under our feet and rather than an abundance of brilliant sunshine, the days are shorter and soon we’ll see more and more cloudy, overcast days as the season transitions into winter.

So, how can you get that fresh-as-sunshine lift when the weather makes everything feel drab and dreary? Here are a few tips to usher in the light and brighten up your spaces.

Start Your Facelift with Replacement Windows

If your current windows aren’t living up to your expectations, consider installing brand new replacement windows. Sounds obvious, but you’ll see dramatic results. Over time old window glass can become etched and look dirty even after the most thorough cleaning. That “dirt” is preventing light from entering your home.

Even changing the window style can maximize your viewing area and increase natural light levels in your New Jersey home. For example, if you replace wide-framed vinyl windows with slim profile composite windows in styles like sliders or a picture window, you instantly gain more glass surface area – and access to more natural light.

A custom-built bay replacement window fits in the footprint of your original window, but you’ll have the benefit of a panoramic view – and more natural light than a “flat window” configuration. Your replacement window consultant can help you compare your existing window styles with various replacement window styles to see which ones will help you gain maximum natural light despite seasonal fluctuations.

If you’re considering only replacing windows with damaged frames or cracks in the glass that allow air and moisture infiltration, try to replace all the windows in at least one high-traffic area in your home. Kitchens, living rooms and baths typically get the most traffic from family and visitors and you’ll notice the most difference there.

Adjust Light Levels with Mirrors

Subtle decorating strategies can help you get the most from your windows – even if you’re only replacing a few. With the correct size and placement, you can use mirrors to redirect light coming into the room to make your home feel brighter. Installing large floor to ceiling mirrors creates the illusion of spaciousness and reflects natural light into gloomy corners.

Carefully positioning mirrors in your bathroom mimics an extra window. Even if you only have a small window in the shower or above the tub, a mirror on an adjacent wall will draw the light into the room and reflect it so you can maximize available light.

Color Your Walls with ‘Sunshine’ Enhancers

Updating your wall color is a great way to banish dark, dreary moods. Be careful when selecting paint colors. It may sound logical to choose a crisp, vivid color for your walls, but moderation is the key to giving your rooms a “light makeover” that won’t backfire.

Consider basements. While you can certainly increase the amount of sunlight that comes into your home with energy-efficient hoppers and awning replacement windows in your basement, you’ll want to select middle-of-the-road colors for rooms that have small windows positioned near the ceiling.

If you’re using a color wheel, select colors that fall in the middle third of the strip. Yes, ladybug reds and cheery yellows are good choices, just stay away from the pastels on one end and the dark, dramatic colors on the other end. Lighter colors tend to look washed out or dirty in a room with lower than optimal light levels and darker colors just increase the dreariness.

Don’t discount the value of white walls in bathrooms with tall windows. You can take advantage of patterned glass options that give you privacy without sacrificing daylight. Built-in privacy features allow you to skip the window treatments entirely if you like. The gently-filtered light bounces off white walls to give your whole room a light, ethereal feel without creating a dark, depressing mood.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Ushers in Light

If you can imagine your space flooded with mood brightening natural light, we’ve got options to help you make your dreams come true. We’d love to tell you more about our full line of home improvement products designed to help you save money and chase away the cold weather doldrums. To arrange an in-home consultation to discuss options to maximize natural light in your New Jersey home, just give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 or fill in the short form on this page for more details.

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