Remodeling the ‘Other Most Popular Room’ in Your Home (the Bathroom) with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Windows

Bathroom Replacement Windows in New JerseyWhen our New Jersey friends and neighbors ask us what style of replacement windows are best for their bathrooms, here at Renewal by Andersen, we ask lots of questions like the ones below before we answer.

  1. Will the window be installed inside a shower?Bath11
  2. Do you want an operable window above the tub? We generally recommend at least one operable window in every room to increase ventilation and allow quick exits if an emergency arises suddenly. This is especially important in bathrooms due to the high-moisture environment.Bath10
  3. Is there currently more than one window in the room?
  4. What kind of environment is beyond your bathroom windows? For example, Is the area shaded by trees or shrubbery? Will the window get full sun? What about orientation, north side, west side, etc.?
  5. Are your windows high on the wall near the ceiling, centered between floor and ceiling, or closer to ground level?

While the hub of a home is usually the kitchen, the bathroom probably gets the most traffic during any given day, especially when you have a large family or frequent overnight guests.

If you’re considering upgrading your home windows to improve comfort and convenience, take the time to explore all the options available before you decide to simply exchange your old window for a similar style upgraded for energy-efficiency and performance.

Here’s why.

Proper Window Choices Expand Your Space Visually

Bath7Even a small window, if configured properly, allows you to take advantage of interior decorating tricks. For example, installing a low-profile window adjacent to a mirror capitalizes on reflection to make the room look and feel bigger and brighter.

Mulling Different Styles & Shapes Together Gives You More Options

Since all Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey replacement windows and patio doors are custom-built, you have almost limitless design options to create exactly the combination of operable and fixed windows you need to bring in much needed natural light while managing your privacy.

Safety & Convenience Really Do Matter

The style you choose also impacts convince and safety. Our casement windows with side hinges allow the window to crank out fully for maximum ventilation. But, if you have trees or shrubbery growing outside your bathroom, you may want to consider bottom-hinged hoppers that open inward.

What about windows installed high on the wall, near the ceiling? With an operator extension rod, or long arm operator rod, you can open and close awnings while standing on the floor – provided you have standard height ceilings. No need to hunt down a ladder every time you want to bring in the fresh air and sunshine. This helps clear out the steam as it rises toward the ceiling.

Decorating Style Drives Your Decisions

Are You An Install & Forget Type Or Do You Update Your Décor Often?

Most of our customers appreciate the virtually maintenance-free features of Fibrex frames and trim. Others, prefer wood interiors that allow them to update colors and finishes to accommodate frequently changing décor preferences.

Bathroom windows are exposed to warm, moist air every day. Moisture facilitates mold and mildew growth. Fibrex components repel moisture and eliminate problems associated with mildew and other damage. Our color portfolio is extensive so you should be able to find colors that complement your decorating style. But, if you prefer paintable interiors, talk to your replacement window consultant about how to clean and maintain your custom-built Renewal by Andersen windows to keep them beautiful and functional.

Creativity Trumps Floor Space

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when you decide to upgrade the windows in your New Jersey home. Room size is another important factor. If you have a small bathroom, you probably only have one or two windows to think about. If you’re willing to let your creative juices flow, you can transform even a tiny bathroom into a modern, attractive space.

Have a large en suite with three or more windows? Consider options like these:

  • Replace a large window installed at ground level with a beautiful French patio door or a contemporary slider for an elegant, timeless look.
  • Mull several casement windows or double-hung windows side-by-side to create a wall of windows.
  • Install a small bay to create a bit more floor space for a changing stool or towel rack.
  • Take advantage of “frosted” or patterned glass to improve privacy over the tub or in the shower, and allow other windows in the room to expand direct light opportunities.

The Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Window Design Team is Ready to Help With Your Bathroom Remodeling

Redesigning your New Jersey bathroom to improve comfort and convenience is exciting. Our full line of replacement window and patio door products will help you create beautiful, functional spaces, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, family room or bedroom. Every window we build is designed help you reduce heating and air conditioning bills and reduce energy consumption.

Fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 to discuss more options.

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