Benefits of Awning, Hopper Windows in New Jersey & New York

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The Benefits of Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Awnings & Hoppers  

One of the most popular accent windows in the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement window portfolio is the awning. A close second is the hopper. This installment of our window education series gives homeowners a bit more information about each style and the benefits each offers.

Benefits of the Versatile Awning: Features Everyone Loves

Benefit #1: Ventilation, Even When it’s Raining

Awning windows have hinges mounted at the upper edge of the window unit. Very popular with people who love the fresh, invigorating smell of rain – or maybe just the petrichor as the first few droplets hit the earth during a gentle shower – this window design channels a light rain away from the house. The mini-umbrella that forms when you crank out the glass helps keep your interior dry while bringing in fresh air and the lovely scent of an early rain shower.

Benefit #2: Easy Operation

Another design feature seen in all awning replacement windows is the single handle operation. Positioned at the lower edge of the window unit for easy access, the single lever makes this style perfect for installation over counters, high on the wall and in bathrooms over the tub.

Benefit #3: Unassuming Accent Qualities

While awning windows work great as stand alone windows, they are also quite beautiful installed above or below picture windows. This style is typically wider than it is tall, and accepts all standard grille patterns. In foyers, bathrooms and other areas where homeowners want to increase ventilation and privacy, patterned glass options provide the perfect solution.

Benefits of Insulated, Double-Paned Hopper Replacement Windows

Benefit #1: Energy Efficient Qualities

Energy-efficient, Fibrex frames make customized hopper replacement windows one of the most popular window choices for basements. Insulated, double-pane construction along with multiple low-E glass options give homeowners the unique opportunity to build home windows that will lower heating and cooling bills.

Benefit #2: Space-Saving Features

The swing-in window features a single operational lever and hinges on the lower edge of the window unit. Because the movable panel pulls inward, this style is perfect in areas where a swing out window may interfere with landscaping or outdoor activities on the deck or patio.

Benefit #3: Custom Sizes & Special Requests

Like the awning window, hopper replacement windows are fully customizable. This style complements almost every architectural style and comes in custom sizes from tall and narrow to extra wide and short. They are available in a wide array of exterior factory finishes and can include wood interior components that allow homeowners to paint or stain with any finish. Privacy glass that obscures the view, while adding an artistic home décor feature, enhance home values and make rooms feel warmer, brighter and more welcoming.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Awning & Hopper Windows

These two replacement window styles are very similar, except that awning windows swing out and hopper windows swing-in. Beautiful colors, stunning grille patterns and ENERGY STAR certified glass choices come together in high-quality, high-performing window that adds value and comfort to any home. If you need more information about a special feature you want that isn’t mentioned in this brief benefit guide, contact us today. Fill in the short form on this page or speak to a professional replacement window specialist by dialing 1-888-826-2451 now.

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