Four Pillars: Window Frame Part I

Four Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: Window Frame (Part I)

4 Pillars of a Great Replacement Window Experience: The Window FrameThere are four main pillars that make up a great replacement window experience. Like a chair with a broken leg, missing just one of these will adversely affect your happiness with your new windows. In this multi-part series, we will discuss the first of these pillars: the window frame material. This post will refer to some of the first window frame materials: Wood, Steel and Aluminum. In our next post we will discuss Vinyl and Composite window frames.

Your Window Frame

Over time, many materials have been used for the window frames: wood, metal, plastics and composites.

Wood Windows

One of the first materials to frame window glass, wood window frames have been around for centuries and are still used by many manufacturers today. Among Wood Windows’ appeal to many are the classic warm appearance of wood, its relative energy efficiency, and its flexibility to match many architectural styles and decors through staining or painting. Among Wood Windows’ less appealing attributes are the regular maintenance requirements of scraping, painting and sealing, proclivity to rot and insect damage and limited species availability. (more…)

From Our Family to Yours: Best Wishes for the Holidays & a Happy New Year!

The holiday season is a great time to spend family and friends, and to take a little time to reflect on the successes of the passing year.

Here at Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey, we have a lot to reflect upon and to for which to be thankful. While there have been ups and downs for all of us in the area over the past year and many are still struggling, overall we have much for which to be thankful. We’ve met some very nice people and been able to help them improve the appearance and energy efficiency of their homes so they’re nice and warm this holiday season and will be cool and comfortable this summer. (more…)

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Help Us Help Your NJ Neighbors with Donations of Basic Necessities, Cleaning Supplies, etc.

Renewal by Andersen new jersey hurricane sandy relief

Many of our neighbors and friends are still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy and last week’s Nor’easter added insult to injury. Many have lost their homes and their possessions. Many more are still without power and access to the basic necessities of life. Thousands of your New Jersey neighbors displaced by the storms are living in shelters without some of the most basic of necessities.

To assist our New Jersey neighbors and friends hardest hit by the storm, Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey is accepting donations of the most basic of necessities including food, personal care products, cleaning  products and more to help the storm victims regain some sense of normalcy to their lives.

To help get the donations to those most in need as soon as possible, we will be accepting donations through Saturday, November 17th.

Please drop off your donations to:

70 Jackson Drive,

Suite A,

Cranford, NJ 07016

Today through Friday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Donations accepted include:  cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, non-perishable food, personal products such as shampoos, deodorant, soaps, etc, batteries, blankets, mops, brooms.

For more information, please call 908-497-1020 and ask for Theresa or Geri.

Specialty Replacement Windows

Specialty Replacement Windows Add Character & Value to Your Home

Is your house just like every other house in your neighborhood? Do you feel like you’re unique and you want your home to reflect that? Do you have an older odd-shaped window that’s looking a little “long in the tooth”? Want to add some flair to your home? A replacement Specialty Window Style may be just the thing your home needs to give it a unique character all its own.

Renewal by Andersen New Jersey Circle Top and quarter circle specialty windows with sunburst grilles

Circle Top and quarter circle specialty windows with sunburst grilles.

Renewal by Andersen of Central New Jersey has a broad selection of Specialty Window styles that can give your house that unique character to make it stand out, yet match its architectural style and design. Whether it’s an accent window above an entrance or a patio door, or fixed window that matches the roofline or other architectural feature of your house, a new or replacement window that’s not a simple square or rectangle can be just the thing. (more…)

How Do You Know if You Should Repair or Replace Your Windows

To Repair or Replace Your Windows?

That is the Question

How do you know if you need to repair or replace the windows in your home or office?

A rotted window needs to be replacedOur natural inclination when something is not working in our homes or offices is to attempt to fix the problem. If the heating system is not working, we call in a heating specialist; if a water pipe springs a leak, we call a plumber. When our windows are not working, what do we do?