Winter is coming fast. How much money you spend on utility bills this winter depends on how energy efficient your house is. If your windows aren’t properly maintained or weatherized they can be a primary source of energy loss throughout the winter.

Knowing the signs that your windows aren’t winter-ready and what you can do about the problem can help you avoid unnecessarily high utility bills this winter. From weatherizing to replacing your windows, you have options.

Signs Your Windows Aren’t Winter-Ready

You’ll be able to tell if your windows are a source of heat loss. Some signs to watch for:

  • Temperatures in the room fluctuate a lot throughout the day.
  • The cold spot of any room is the space near the window.
  • You can feel drafts at the windows when the wind picks up.
  • Ice forms on the inside of your windows.
  • Condensation can frequently be found on your windows.
  • The wood around the windows is rotten.

Some homes in the New York and New Jersey metro area are especially old, and some of these older houses still have single pane windows. If your windows are single pane, or if you’ve noticed one or more of the problems described above, weatherizing your windows can save you money this winter. Replacing your windows can help you reduce utility bills even more.

What You Can Do About Energy Inefficient Windows

There are many things you can do to make your windows winter-ready this year. How you decide to fix your windows should depend on their condition, their age and your budget.

Install Weather Stripping Along Window Gaps

Install foam weather stripping along the gaps in your windows to prevent energy leaks. Be aware that weather stripping usually lasts one or two seasons only, so this will be a regular maintenance task. If the weather stripping on your windows is older than two years, it’s probably time to replace it. Check any weather stripping for cracks, breaks or missing strips, and replace as needed.

Get Windows Repaired

Sometimes window repair is enough to make your windows more energy efficient. Have a qualified contractor check the caulking and sealing around your windows, and re-seal or caulk as needed.

Older wooden windows need to be repaired and repainted periodically. Have your contractor replace any rotten wood, clean out the joints and fix any chips in the wood.

Replace Your Windows

Replacing old, inefficient windows with new energy-efficient models can save you a good deal of money annually. Not only do they save heating money in the winter, but they can reduce your air conditioning bills in summer. According to the EPA. Renewal by Andersen windows were named ENERGY STARⓇ Partner of the Year for sustained excellence, so if you’re committed to installing energy efficient windows this winter, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro windows should be your window of choice.

Wondering If It’s Time to Replace Your Windows? Contact Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro

Your home can be more comfortable this winter with new windows from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. To get started with a quote from Renewal by Andersen, contact us through our website, or call us at the toll free number 1-888-826-2451.


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