Anatomy of a Replacement Window: What it Does & What You Should Know

A Glossary of Key Replacement Window Terms

New Jersey Replacement Window TermsIf you’re just beginning your replacement window research, you might come across some terms on the Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey website with which you are not familiar. We strive to give you easy to understand information to help you consider the many options for building windows customized for your home. We realize telling you we offer three grille types and four standard patterns might not be enough, if you aren’t sure what function “grilles” serve.

Here are a few terms and explanations for basic window components to help make your journey more productive. And, just in case we miss a few in this short article, you can always reach one of our consultants by calling 1-888-826-2651 for more information.

Installation Basics

We build replacement windows and patio doors to exacting measurements. This makes installation less time-consuming and more efficient, which saves you money and inconvenience. Before we install your new windows, our technicians remove windows stops, sash, trim, casings, sill and frame to expose the rough opening for your new window.

Windows stops are narrow strips used to hold the sash in place in a window frame.

Windows sills are narrow ledges (shelves) attached to the lower edge of a window. Interior sills are the lowest trim component. Exterior sills slope downward and facilitate water drainage after it rains. If you have double-hung windows, the lower sash rest against the sill.

You may read some articles that refer to sills as the “stool and apron.”

Trim is the molding that covers jambs and window heads. Potato

Casings are trim molding that surrounds the window, originating from the sill and encasing the entire window.

Sash are the movable parts of your window. We also use this term to refer to the frame (constructed of stiles and rails) that holds glass panels.

Stiles are the vertical pieces used to build a frame.

Rails are horizontal pieces used to separate glass panes. Technically, rails run the full width of a window without interruption between stiles. You’ll find rails at the top, bottom or intermediary locations.

Frames contain window sash. The window head, jambs and sill form an exact opening (the frame) for each sash.

Window head: The primary horizontal part that forms the top of the frame.

Jambs are the sides of a window frame.

Full Frame Replacement Windows or Insert Replacement Windows?

The installation processes for full frame replacement windows, otherwise known as New Construction Windows and window inserts, otherwise known as Replacement Windows are very different. There are advantages to both, and our window design consultants can talk to you in depth about the pros and cons, but for now let’s just lay out the primary difference in the two upgrade options.

Full replacement windows replace all components of your existing windows, including the frame. Inserts leave the frame intact and replace only components inside the frame.

While insert replacement windows are typically less expensive than new construction windows, you may not want to consider insert replacement windows if your frame is damaged or structurally weak. Frames with rotting wood, drooping or warped aluminum frames and holes or gaps which allow air leakage usually require significant remediation.

Some of our New Jersey homeowners choose replacement window upgrades because the existing windows don’t complement their architecture or their decorating style. The choice to replace one window style or lite shape with another may be more cost effective, too.

Window Components That Allow You to Design for Your Preferences

Any bar or strip that aesthetically divides window glass panels into smaller sections may be referred to as a grille. You’ll also hear terms like “muntin”, “grid”, “windowpane dividers,” “mullion” and “sash strips” used as alternative terminology for grille. Each of these terms has a slightly different technical definition, especially in terms of different construction settings and historical references.

Renewal by Andersen grilles don’t actually divide glass panes, because this reduces the efficiency of the window. Rather our options allow you to mimic the period designs from when individual panes were joined together to create a larger window. Customizing your windows with grilles today gives you the freedom to create a look you love, while maintaining their energy efficiency and reducing the time it takes to clean your windows. Removable interior grilles with stainable surfaces allow you to update colors. We offer both standard grille patterns and one-of-a-kind custom designs crafted specifically for you.

Learn More About Renewal By Andersen of New Jersey Replacement Window Components

Naturally, we can’t list all the terms you might have questions about in such a short article, but we’re available to answer your questions if there is something we didn’t cover. Just give us a call at 1-888-826-2651 or fill in the short form on this page to schedule an in-home consultation.

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