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About Renewal by Andersen of Central & Northern New Jersey

Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey is the premier supplier of Andersen Replacement windows throughout the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas. You’re sure to know the Andersen Window name; it’s been a brand name in windows for more than a century. That long history of quality has been achieved by providing exceptional products and outstanding start-to-finish service for more than 100 years. At a time when we see remodeling spring up and shut down just as quickly, Renewal by Andersen is a reassuring and stabilizing brand. It’s good to know the company will be there when you call should you ever have any questions about your project.

Peace of Mind, Quality, Strength & Service

When you work with Renewal by Andersen of Northern and Central New Jersey, you have the peace of mind of dealing with the strength and security of the Andersen name, along with the service and skill of working with your New Jersey neighbors, who have been serving people like you for over a decade!

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to replacing the windows and doors in your home or office. You’ll likely have to live with this decision for many years and you should be sure you make the right choice the first time. If you do it right, your windows should only need to be replaced once in a lifetime. Select the window that has proven to provide leading edge technical innovation and superior performance for a lifetime. Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey promises you the best window, at the best price with the best service, that will last a lifetime.

Renewal by Andersen NJ President Larry Landes

Larry Landes, president of Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey

About our Owner, Larry Landes

Larry Landes, president of Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey has been serving the New York and New Jersey area with superior remodeling products for decades. Prior to his tenure at Renewal by Andersen, Larry was the president of the Garden State Brickface, Windows and Siding corporation, one of the largest and most successful commercial and residential remodeling organizations in the United States. Larry was recruited to this prestigious position based upon his tremendous success as the owner/operator of the local Garden State Brickface franchise in the Philadelphia, PA area from 1991 to 1997, when he was tapped to become president of the entire corporation. Larry credits his experience as a sales representative, vice president of sales and general manager of the Garden State location in Philadelphia for his success with both Garden State corporate and now Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey.

“The lessons I learned working with consumers in their homes have stayed with me all these years,” Larry said. “Great products will only take you so far. You have to be honest with your customers and treat them right every time. A great company is about having caring, dedicated people and treating each customer as the unique and special person they are. I want every one of our customers to say ‘that was the greatest remodeling experience in my life’ and we’re proud that they do.”

Larry’s hands-on experience getting to know his customers in their homes provides Larry and his team with a deep understanding that the key to success in local remodeling is to provide the best quality products with the best service and ensure that they don’t just meet, but exceed, the expectations of his customers better than any of his competitors.

His experience in both the commercial and residential levels, combined with his advanced training from Renewal by Andersen, ensures that Larry understands what makes a great replacement window for New Jersey and New York metropolitan homes and commercial buildings and ensures that the people in his business deliver on their promises each and every time.

The Best Windows for Your Home or Office

“I had a lot of hands-on experience providing replacement windows before I considered joining the Renewal by Andersen team in 2002. It was only because I saw the superior technology and construction of the Renewal products and the integrity of the company that I considered leaving Garden State,” Larry said. “I truly believe that they are the best replacement window on the market. They are the only window I would install in my own home.”

Great Products only Half What it Takes to be the Best

Larry and the entire Renewal by Andersen family understands that it’s not just the best product that makes the most satisfied customers in New York and New Jersey. “People in this area are some of the most demanding people in the world,” Larry said. “If you don’t have great people who are committed to ensuring your customers is overwhelmingly satisfied, you don’t have a good company. I don’t accept simply ‘acceptable’ in my home and I won’t allow it in yours.” You don’t have to take Larry’s word for it; check out the real customer reviews right here on the site to see for yourself.