Mini-Makeover Ideas for Bay / Bow Replacement Windows in NJ, NY

bay & bow window decorating New Jersey New York

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro bay or bow replacement windows can highlight architectural elements in your home and showcase a room’s unusual character and are perfect for a mini-makeover. While some homeowners think of bays and bows as a strictly traditional, this window is perfect for sleek, modern homes, too.

When thinking about updating the décor in a room with a bay or bow window design, it’s important to consider how interior decorating changes will influence the overall tone of the space. Sometimes, it is the simple things that make the biggest impact on appearance and comfort.

A mini-makeover doesn’t have to be expensive or labor intensive, either. Here are a few tips to awaken your creative energy. Continue reading Mini-Makeover Ideas for Bay / Bow Replacement Windows in NJ, NY

Bay & Bow Replacement Windows Benefits in New Jersey & New York

Bay Windows Bow Windows New Jersey New York

In this installment in our 12-week Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro Replacement Window series, we’d like to introduce you to some benefits and features of the beautiful bay and bow replacement windows.

Both bay and bow windows add dimension and visual texture to your indoor spaces, and create a stunning focal point for your curb-side appearance. If you’ve ever dreamed of modernizing your home with a unique addition that complements your existing architecture, these styles may be perfect whether you live in a traditional or contemporary home. Continue reading Bay & Bow Replacement Windows Benefits in New Jersey & New York

Advantages of Bay & Bow Replacement Windows in New Jersey 

bay bow replacement windows new jersey new york

If adding a bay and bow window to your New Jersey or New York home has always intrigued you, but you are a bit intimidated about including them in your replacement window plans, this Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro article is just for you. Taking full advantage of beautiful bay windows isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Continue reading Advantages of Bay & Bow Replacement Windows in New Jersey 

Bay and Bow Replacement Windows in New Jersey, New York

New Jersey New York Bay Windows, Bow Windows

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows add value and enhance the appearance and functionality of your home. While many homeowners choose to replace existing windows with a similar style to maintain the overall aesthetic, you don’t have to limit yourself to that option. Unique configurations, bold color choices and new geometric shapes allow you to redefine your curb appeal and add a bit of extra floor space or storage without investing the time or resources of a major reconstruction project.

Three window styles that give you freedom to get creative are bay and bow replacement windows. The two styles are similar, but each has a few unique characteristics. Here’s what you need to know as you consider your options.

Choose Bay Replacement Windows for Expanded Seating

bayBay windows add a three dimensional feature that expands your viewing area with a few extra perks. You’ll get a panoramic view of the world on the other side of the glass and opportunities to enhance your room’s function. For example, you can add a window seat or storage under the interior ledge. Paintable/Stainable wood interiors allow you to match your existing trim work and complement your architectural elements. Water-tight roof materials ensure your new windows protect inside furnishing from moisture.

Bay windows have three panels, a center panel that is normally fixed and significantly wider than two flanking operational windows. The finished configuration gives an angular, arched presentation. You can choose to install all fixed windows, as long as you have at least one window that opens in your room, or meld together a variety of window styles and shapes that fits exactly into the opening left when your existing windows are removed. Bay windows complement almost every room in your home where you want to add architectural interest and bring in more natural sunlight.

Choose Bows for an Expanded Viewing Area

bowLike bay windows, bows expand your viewing area and have a “traditional” roof. The configuration typically includes 4 to 6 panels that create a gentle arch shape rather than the boxier shape of bay and garden windows. Many homeowners choose to install all fixed windows; however you can opt to include casements or double hung windows for ventilation, or use a combination of fixed and operable windows. Most of the time your personal preferences will ultimately influence your choice of bays over bows, or vice versa. Sometimes a gentle curve (or angular presentation) will fit better with your overall architectural appearance.

Choose Specialty Replacement Windows with Confidence

Whether you choose a beautiful bay window or a bow window configuration, Renewal by Andersen custom-built replacement windows all come with our impressive, transferable 20/2/10 warranty. All Fibrex frames are guaranteed never to warp, fade or rot and you can have confidence that your windows will continue to perform perfectly for as long as you live in your own. Every window is designed to provide year-round protection from heat and cold transfer, ensuring you have better control over your heating and air conditioning budget, without the hassle of seasonal storm window installation, removal and storage.

Customizing Your Home is Easy with Specialty Replacement Window Configurations from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & Metro New York

Updating your New Jersey or New York home with high-performance, custom-built replacement windows gives you opportunities to enhance the appearance of your home, while improving indoor comfort and functionality. We invite you to call to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation to discuss your Renewal by Andersen replacement window options. Simply fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 today for more information.


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Expand Your View and Your Living Space with Bay or Bow Replacement Windows

Bay & Bow Replacement Windows New Jersey New YorkHere at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey, we appreciate your desire to create a beautiful, inviting home that appeals to your lifestyle and decorating preferences. Our mission is to make sure you are just as thrilled with your replacement window designs and performance 10, 15 or 20 years after installation.

Unless you are only replacing one or two windows in your home or you want a single style to replicate a certain architectural design, you’ll most likely choose several different shapes and styles of replacement windows for your New Jersey home.

Today we’d like to introduce you to the excellent craftsmanship, versatility and performance features of our bay windows and bow windows.

There are a variety of reasons that homeowners choose bays and bows – adding a unique feature to an otherwise bland appearance, creating more useable interior living space, and managing indoor light and ventilation are just three reasons our customers claim influenced their decision to design and install these unique window styles.

We build our bay and bow designs just like our other replacement windows – using superior construction materials, cutting edge technology and energy-efficient glass that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for controlling energy use and protecting the climate.

What Makes it a Bay?

Standard bay windows involve connecting three individual adjacent window units into one. Bays create a panoramic view by angling two smaller windows away from a broader central window. By framing the central panel, the combination creates a stunning exterior and leaves room for an interior ledge or extra functional floor space inside.

How is a Bow Different?

Just like bay windows, replacement bow windows owe their versatility and unique appearance to connecting several individual window units horizontally. Two distinct features of bow windows are the number of adjacent windows and the overall shape. While bays typically combine two side windows that are smaller than the central unit, Bows usually have more panels – five, six, seven, etc. – and all units are the same width and height. This combination creates a slightly curved appearance rather than the angular presentation of a Bay. You’ll still get a fantastic view, and more units means slightly less viewing area but more versatility by adding operable windows throughout.

Another difference is the interior space. There is still room to install a ledge; however, depending on the number of panels you choose, the interior space may be smaller than a bay window would create in the same overall width and height established by your existing home windows.

Fixed or Operable Window Designs

While you can choose to install fixed windows as all or part of custom-built bay and bow windows, many of our customers choose casement windows – at least for side units in the three-unit bay. Why casements? For one thing, the crank-and-latch operating mechanism is easy to use.

Enhancing the look and function of your home with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey Bay Windows or Bow Windows gives you the freedom – and space – to install a window seat, create a low shelf for young readers or add a bit more floor space for furniture placement. Whether you choose to add more seating or improve the flow of your living areas, these unique windows give you options that other designs can’t deliver. Plus, you have more opportunities to let the sunshine and fresh air in throughout the seasons.

Ss you can see in the photo above, you don’t have to choose casement windows for your Bow or Bay Window. You can use Double Hung or even Sliding or Gliding Windows. Our easy glide sliders provide easy operation and functionality. And, there are literally endless decorating options with our full line of hardware choices, window screens and grilles to help you design a beautiful view with maximum energy efficiency.

Meet Your New Bay or Bow Replacement Window at Renewal By Andersen of New Jersey

Ready to meet Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey’s Bay and Bow windows face-to-face? Call 1-888-826-2451 to discuss your home improvement project in depth or fill in your contact information on the form on this page and we’ll give you a call. We think you’ll find our replacement windows exceed your expectations and are looking forward to introducing you to all of our home improvement products carefully designed to add beauty, function and value to your home.