7 Useful Tips for Your Replacement Window Project in New Jersey or Metropolitan New York

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At the end of the day there is nothing more relaxing than propping your feet up in your New Jersey or New York home and enjoying the view beyond your windows – or absorbing the warm sunshine streaming through the glass on a clear day. You probably don’t spend a lot of time considering your home windows, but they are continually working to keep out the cold and inclement weather and bring in natural light while protecting you and your family. If you are thinking of updating with modern Renewal by Andersen replacement windows this year, these tips will help ensure you select the correct window styles for your New Jersey or Metropolitan New York home.

Tip # 1. Define Your Replacement Window Role in Exterior Design

People sometimes get hung up on the form versus functionality debate. Window function should always trump form. In other words, if your replacement windows must serve as emergency egress in certain rooms, determine which style will make it easier for your family and guests to get out quickly if necessary. Of course, appearance (the form) matters; however safety and security (functionality) should guide your decisions first. There are times when a sliding glass window (or patio door) can serve as a combination window and exit. So, think about whether you need operable windows for ventilation and access, or fixed windows to boost energy performance before you settle on replacement window styles and shapes for every room. You can always choose complementary colors and trim widths to tie the new windows into the overall aesthetic of your home, regardless of whether you opt for sliders or casements in the family room.

Tip #2. Balance Windows’ Ventilation, Light Transfer & Energy Efficiency

Energy Star certified windows are essential today if you want to proactively manage heating and cooling costs. Balancing the multi-faceted roles of home windows means considering how much fresh air you want to flow through your rooms, the amount of natural light you want to stream inside and whether you need to combine fixed and operable window to achieve a healthy balance. We typically recommend a mix of operable and fixed windows for every home. This ensures you can open or close windows to maximize ventilation and capture expansive views with picture windows and smaller flanking windows that won’t interfere when you want a clear view of the world outside.

Tip #3. Customize Window Solutions with an Eye on the Environment

Designing ideal replacements for existing home windows starts with considering lot orientation. Windows exposed to direct sunlight may create challenges if you like to watch television with the curtains open. Likewise, early morning sunshine could wake you long before you’re ready, unless you have heavy drapes to block the natural light. Beyond personal inconvenience. Direct sunlight – or the lack of it – can directly influence which glass type you need in every room.

Tip #4. Complement Your Home’s Architectural Features

While we encourage our New Jersey and metro New York homeowners to express their personality with unique color combinations and create stunning focal points with window configurations and custom grille patterns, you don’t want to create cacophony. Consider how your window choices will impact the overall appearance of your home from the curb.

Tip #5. Consider Both Interior & Exterior Views

A picturesque view deserves a stellar frame. Likewise, using shapes, colors, varied check-rail widths and the proper frame widths of your windows creates harmony in your indoor spaces. Consider how the window treatments will impact your overall decorating scheme and influence the first impressions of passersby. Pay attention to details and you will nail this process, whether you are installing a replacement bay or bow window, or designing a transom to bring in extra light above an entrance door.

Tip #6. Look for Color Choice Clues

Choosing colors is a huge decision. Get inspiration from landscaping and nearby green spaces. Neighboring homes are another way to explore color options. Many urban homes use a three-color palette which includes one main color and two accent tones or shades for trims and window frames.

Tip #7. Prepare for Your Replacement Window Journey

Modern replacement windows come in a variety of styles, price-points and feature-packages. Do some research before you partner with a brand. You’ll find a plethora of reviews for Renewal by Andersen on Angie’s List, Yelp and other online sites. Ask your friends and neighbors about recent experiences updating their homes. Don’t just accept a list of positive stats a replacement dealer presents, ask for supporting “proof” from third-party agencies that back up their claims.

Ask Your New Jersey & New York Metro Renewal by Andersen Replacement Window Specialist

This seven tips give you a great starting point to make your replacement window project successful. We know you may still have questions about energy-efficiency ratings, available styles and installation. We’re here to help. Simply fill in the short form on this page or call us at 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a personal Q&A session in your own home.

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