The New Jersey and New York Metro Renewal by Andersen team is often asked, “Which replacement window style should I buy, if …?” Some want to know which style is the most energy efficient, others want to know about return on investment potential or decorative features.

To help you better understand why our customers have chosen one style over the other, this article will highlight the most popular replacement window styles in our home improvement portfolio.

#1. Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Double-Hung Replacement WindowsBy far, one of the most popular replacement window styles ever designed is the double-hung window. It complements both traditional and modern home architectures and improves ventilation with two operable sash, so you can control airflow more precisely.

Tilt-to-clean options make cleaning so easy it almost doesn’t feel like a chore.

#2. Bay & Bow Windows

Bay Windows Bow WindowsBay and bow configurations allow homeowners to dramatically transform their curb appeal, and provide a little extra floor space for additional seating or storage. Bay and bow decorative options allow you to create a focal point that draws the eye.

#3. Hopper & Awnings Replacement Windows

These popular cousins both work wonderfully installed high on a wall where you need a style that is typically wider than deeper. Awnings push or crank out and hoppers pull inward from a hinge on the lower edge of the window.

These two replacement window styles are often selected as accent windows for inoperable windows or as the best-fit solution when you want a window that will not interfere with traffic patterns or landscaping choices.

#4. Casement Windows

casement windowLike awning windows, casements open outward. Unlike other styles, casement windows have a side hinge. This is a popular style because it is considered the most energy efficient operable replacement window. Plus, you can configure this style for left or right-hand opening to accommodate architectural features or personal preferences.

#5 Sliding (Gliding) Windows

sliding windowWith a narrow frame, sliding windows offer the largest viewing area of any operable window. And, they never interfere with traffic patterns, furniture placement or landscaping design because they slide vertically rather than swing inward or outward. Space-saving, view enhancing, easy-to-clean.

#6. Specialty Geometric Styles

Geometric shaped windows are fixed windows that bring a touch of elegance to your home décor. They are a popular solution for increasing natural light flow, when you don’t need an exit point or additional air circulation.

Custom shapes allow you to define your interior spaces with visual texture while improving comfort and energy efficiency. What’s not to love?

Inoperable window styles — large picture windows, as well as any size geometric shaped style — work well mulled with other styles or as stand-alone windows.

Specialty windowsSome options include:

  • Triangle
  • Polygon
  • Equal-leg arch
  • Circle
  • Half-circle
  • Quarter-circle
  • Circle Top
  • Chord
  • Pentagon
  • Springline
  • Trapezoid
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Peak pentagon


Picture Windows#7. Picture Windows

Picture windows are typically large, square, low-profile, inoperable window units. This style is popular because they are the most energy efficient window on the market, providing they’re manufactured with high-quality frames and double-pane, Energy Star approved glass solutions with gas between the panes.

Popular Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Window Styles Offer High-Performance, Beautiful Styling & Incomparable Value

These seven replacement window styles have myriad design options, including four dozen color combinations, paintable interior components and stunning hardware selections.

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