7 Replacement Window Benefits to be Thankful For this Year

7 reasons to be thankful for replacement windows

As the season of thanksgiving approaches, many people look back over the past year and examine all the positive things that have happened in the last 12 months. Normally, we reflect on things like memories about new family members who joined our fold via birth or marriage, improved health or financial circumstances and new experiences. Over the past year, our Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro team has heard plenty of positive comments from our customers. So, today we’d like to share the following seven reasons we – and our neighbors – are thankful for replacement windows this year.

Number One: No More Cold Weather Window Drafts

Modern, custom-built replacement windows and patio doors eliminate drafty corners and cold feet from the frigid air pounding beneath outdated, aging home windows. It’s nice not to have to wear wool socks and heavy slippers every evening – unless that is what makes you smile while sipping your hot cocoa while watching the flames dance in your fireplace.

Number Two: Install Windows Once, Enjoy Them Forever

With advanced technology and innovative manufacturing processes, modern replacement windows are designed and built to last for decades. Once you upgrade your aging home fixtures, you can have confidence you won’t have to update them again in a few years, probably ever, unless you want to for purely aesthetic reasons.

Number Three: Enhanced Property Value

Upgrading single pane window units with double pane, gas filled, windows provides an added layer of protection that improves energy-efficiency and performance. Naturally, every improvement in this area adds value for potential buyers who want to get the most from their investments.

Number Four: Window Options Galore

Gone are the days of boring options that look like add-ons and don’t improve the appearance of your home. Today, you can create stunning views with a mix of styles and colors or mimic the original windows in a historic home. You’re limited only by your own imagination and personal budget.

Number Five: Less Mess & Expense

Updating your home with high-quality replacement windows means less mess and no additional construction expense as compared to traditional remodel projects. Precision manufacturing and highly skilled installation experts mean you never have to worry about tracking down an independent contractor to fix a problem related to the installation and you won’t spend weeks surrounded by dust or temporary scaffolding.

Number Six: Window Installation on Your Terms

When it comes to renovating your New Jersey or metropolitan New York home, most homeowners want options without heavy restrictions. Because installation can usually be done in one day, or a few if you’re replacing every window in your home, it’s possible to schedule the installation on your terms, any time during the year. We may have to adjust the installation date if there is severe, inclement weather, but that rarely happens in our area except during the harsh winter storms that have plagued the area the past few winters. And, all design decisions are yours. That means you choose the frame, glass option, accessories, hardware and screens that fit your decorating goals and lifestyle.

Number Seven: The Most Advanced Windows & Patio Doors

We left the best for last. While we know that our replacement windows and patio doors meet or exceed all industry standards, we are proud that our team of scientists and engineers never stop working to build a better window. Our parent company, the Andersen Corporation, revolutionized the home window industry more than 100 years ago when they introduced a “new model” of home window and they haven’t stopped yet. Today, our friends and neighbors have Fibrex frames and Energy Star glazing options that enhance energy-efficiency because we are committed to giving our customers options designed for longevity, beauty and performance. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that appear in the future that will improve on current designs and add more functionality and features.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro is Thankful for Our Replacement Window Customers, Friends, Neighbors & Team Members

We appreciate all the people in our area who have trusted us to help them upgrade their home’s appearance with replacement windows and patio doors. If you have been wondering how modern, custom-built home windows will impact your comfort and lifestyle, simply fill in the short form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-826-2451 and schedule a home consultation. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

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