It may not feel like it yet, but spring is just a few weeks away! If you’ve been on the fence about installing replacement windows in your New Jersey or New York Metro home, here are seven great reasons to get your Renewal by Andersen upgrades ordered now!

# 1: No Frigid Corners from Leaking Windows

High performance replacement windows can help to eliminate those hot and cold spots you’ve struggled with over the years. It’s nice to be able to control your indoor temperature without constantly adjusting the thermostat, and high-quality replacement windows and patio doors let you do just that.

#2: Install Once & Forget About Future Window Problems

Innovative window frame materials like Fibrex, and advanced window and door design mean you will only replace your patio doors and home windows once. They are guaranteed to perform perfectly for decades, so you won’t have to revisit the replacement window journey — unless of course you decide you want different styles or colors for purely aesthetic reasons at some point in the future.

#3: Increase Resale Potential with New Windows

Replacing outdated, dilapidated windows with modern, energy-efficiency replacement windows add value to your property. When you do decide to sell, new windows and doors are a key selling point for future buyers.

#4: Start Saving Immediately

Third-party agencies’ research suggests that, depending upon the condition of your existing windows, homeowners like you can save up to 31% off their monthly heating and cooling bills by installing energy efficient replacement windows and patio doors. By installing them this spring, you’ll be ready to see lower monthly air conditioning bills when hot, muggy weather areas in our area.

#5: Beautiful Window Packages, Extraordinary Benefits

There was a time that the only available replacement windows looked like orphan fixtures — thick, white frames that looked out of place and awkward. Today, with new manufacturing techniques and dozens of factory colors to choose from, you can create stunning focal points or windows that gently blend into the background. Plus, accessories and optional upgrades offer unlimited flexibility to create a look that fits your vision and your budget.

#6: You Decide When To Complete Window Installation

Spring replacement window projects are rarely affected by weather. It’s possible to complete the installation around your work, vacation or remodeling schedule. And, even if a late snow delays your plans, it usually only takes one or two days from start to finish, even for a project that involves replacing all your home’s windows, so you won’t have to wait long to get back on track.

#7: Springtime Is the Perfect Time for Renewal

Spring’s arrival evokes thoughts of new beginnings and renewal. Fresh air and warmer weather inspire us to get outdoors and revive our souls.

Updating your home with replacement windows that meet or exceed industry standards also offers ample opportunities for renewal — no more sticking windows that keep you from ushering in clean, fresh air. No more sagging window frames that allow dust, pollen, pest and dirt to creep into your home. No more ugly windows that make your house look tired and sick.

You’ll choose the color, frame, replacement window style, accessories, hardware and insect screens that fit your decorating vision. Then, we’ll install your finished windows to bring your vision to life, resulting in more functionality and more beauty in your home environment.

Spring is the Perfect Time to Install Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

We appreciate all the people in New Jersey & New Metro neighborhoods who have trusted us to help with their home renovation projects. If you’ve been thinking about installing modern replacement windows to improve the beauty or functionality of your home, we can help. Just fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-888-826-2451 today to schedule a private, in-home consultation.



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