7 Popular Home Updates to Consider Adding to Your Replacement Window Project to Improve Resale Value

new jersey new york home improvements for resale

If you have already decided to update your New Jersey or New York metropolitan home with replacement windows this year to improve resale potential in the future, Congratulations! Today’s buyers are looking for energy-efficient features that make their homes more affordable and comfortable. And, some studies show most are willing to pay more to get a move-in-ready home that won’t require anything more than a few tweaks after the closing. To help you get your renovation project organized for resale, we’ve listed 7 of the most popular home updates that are worth the investment of time and money below.

As you read through the suggestions, it’s important to remember trends come and go, and you want to lean to the center when choosing colors and tile patterns. Neutral elements allow buyers to “see the potential” to customize their spaces without a total makeover.

Tip: If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, opt for stainable/paintable window grilles that home buyers can resurface to match their interior decorating scheme.

#1. Add Smart Security Features

Your Renewal by Andersen replacement windows come with factory applied technology that helps protect valuable furniture and artwork, but consider other ways to increase security in your home. While only about a quarter of home buyers today consider smart home features a necessity, the last three years have seen the interest expand. One thing many people don’t even think about is adding a doorbell equipped with a camera. Being able to see and talk to people at the door is an option that should appeal to anyone interested in enhanced home-security. Both Ring and Zmodo smart bells cost less than a couple hundred dollars. Shouldn’t your doorbell do more than just announce someone has arrived?

#2. Updating, Adding or Removing the Fireplace

Definitely don’t remove an indoor fireplace. A recent Angie’s List poll of real estate agents revealed 4 out of 5 agents see both indoor and outdoor fireplaces as a real value booster. In fact, if you have both an indoor and outdoor fireplace, you can expect to gain an extra $1,000 to $5,000 at closing. The key is making sure the fireplace is working properly.

#3. In the Bathroom

You don’t have to do a total makeover in the powder room. Simply updating the vanity will add value. Consider installing an awning or hopper replacement window high on the wall over the shower or tub to improve ventilation and natural light in your bathroom. Add mirrors that will help you capitalize on the natural light streaming in.

#4. Paint for Higher Profits

Neutrality rules. Fresh paint makes every room look better. You don’t have to paint everything white or beige, gray is also popular now. Just remember buyers are looking for potential. Choose shades that will be easy to cover if the homeowners want to add their own personal touches without priming and double-coating.

#5. Updating the Kitchen Counters

Granite in the kitchen is one of the things many home buyers look for. However, there are other stunning options, like concrete and faux marble. If you have the tools and carpentry skills, you may be able to save substantial money on the project. However, this isn’t a time for sloppiness. In the same way that a poor installation can ruin a replacement window project, shoddy kitchen counter work will actually lower the value.

Tip: Choose materials that complement the home. Don’t invest in granite or authentic marble counter tops if you live in a moderately priced home. Likewise, granite is probably a better option if your property value falls in the mid-six figure range or above.

#6. Add a Splash of Class

Adding a backsplach is an excellent, affordable option to dramatically transform the kitchen. Subway tiles are popular, and well worth the investment. As with other project supplies, prices vary drastically from a few dollars per section to upwards of $1,500 for a 3 X 6 Carrara Marble tile.

#7. Landscaping Improvements

When you decide to upgrade from old, single pane windows to modern replacement windows, our consultants will tell you to consider the relationships between window styles and landscaping. You never want to install casement windows, which open outward, over walkways or in areas where shrubs or trees could prevent fully opening your windows. A perfectly manicured lawn also creates a positive first impression for house hunters. Re-seed bare spots in the lawn, keep it well-groomed and add some color and texture with flowering plants.

Tip: Don’t overcrowd the yard. Add path pavers and low-profile solar lights to guide visitors to the entrance.

Updating Your New Jersey or New York Metro Home with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows & More!

These seven updates are trending among the most popular projects to boost property value. Designing best-fit replacement windows and patio doors for your home is another excellent strategy. Ready to learn how to choose the perfect style window for every room in your home? Simply fill in the short form on this page or call 1-888-826-2451 to schedule a private consultation.

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