6 Ways Replacement Windows Beat New Construction Windows in NJ & NY

Replacement Windows Beat New Construction Windows New Jersey New York

Have you been thinking of replacing the windows in your New Jersey or New York Metro home and wondered if you should buy off-the-shelf or new construction windows or custom-built replacement windows? While stock, off-the-shelf, or new construction windows available in home centers may look like a better decision financially because they are sometimes cheaper than custom-built replacement windows, they aren’t the same. For one thing, new construction grade windows are designed to have the window opening created to exactly fit the window; they aren’t designed to simply slip into an opening left when your existing windows are removed. Even if you find a window that appears to be a similar size, installation is a great deal more complicated and time-consuming, and we all know “time is money”. Here’s what you need to know about buying off the shelf, and why Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows are a better option.

Why Won’t Standard Windows Fit A Standard Hole?

New construction windows designed to be installed before the exterior walls are finished. A thin strip of metal attached to the perimeter of the window (a nailing fin) secures the window unit in place on the house. Nails placed through the fin to the stud then are covered up as the building envelope is completed. So, to correctly replace a home window using this same type of unit, you need to tear off the existing siding, exposing the studs and the nailing fin. Not only is the job be very labor-intensive, you have the added mess and expense of repainting wood, reattaching brick or stone, possibly trying to match existing vinyl, etc. And, if you high an outside contractor, all of these activities are going to add extra labor costs. So, the money you save buying the standard window unit will most likely be quickly absorbed in labor and materials to do the job properly.

You may be able to avoid deconstructing the building envelope if you opt for a smaller window unit, but then you would still have to either modify the house to accommodate the smaller window, or hire a contractor, again adding more money to the job. And then you somehow have to patch in the exterior siding to your house look good again.

#1. Advantages of Replacement Windows Versus New Construction

The biggest difference between new construction and custom-built replacement windows for your New Jersey or New York metropolitan home is that replacement windows are built to precisely fit the opening left when our skilled installation crew removes the existing windows. That means no additional construction is required. No removing and replacing bricks. No painting exterior wood or replacing vinyl siding. And, no extra money for installation, or time spent finding a contractor, since every Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement window is installed by our experienced professionals.

5 More Advantages of Replacement Windows

#2. Faster, Cleaner

Less disruption to your normal routine – and zero clean up after the installation is complete.

#3. Less Construction

No damage to the exterior building envelope that could lead to air or moisture leaks in the future.

#4. Energy Efficiency

Increased potential for reducing heating and cooling costs since all glazing is ENERGY-STAR certified, and you can choose glass options with factory-applied coatings to control heat transfer, light levels and noise suppression you need for every room. To see what goes is involved during installation, check out this time-lapse video.

5. Better Warranty

In many cases, custom-designed and manufactured replacement windows are higher quality and come with a stronger warranty than off the shelf, standard home windows, too. Enhancing energy-efficiency and comfort in your home for as long as you live there, and beyond.

#6. Faster Installation

Shorter installation time, since no major construction is needed.

Successful Remodeling with Replacement Windows in New Jersey, New York

There you have it, six reasons that we believe installing custom-built replacement windows is a superior choice over buying new construction, standard windows for your New Jersey or metropolitan New York home. And we didn’t even mention the beautiful design features that allow you to truly customize your home with specialty glass, unique grille patterns and geometric shapes. It’s wiser to plan your replacement window renovation for maximum return on investment. Choosing high-quality, custom-built replacement windows that come with a strong warranty that covers the windows and the installation ensures you get the biggest return on investment for as long as you live in your home, and if you decide to sell later down the road.

Talk to a Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows Specialist

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