Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro recommends three basic replacement sliding patio door solutions for our friends and neighbors. Each one has myriad of color combinations, standard and exclusive hardware choices, two types of insect screens and other accessories to customize your home improvement products to your budget, your lifestyle and your home’s architectural features.

Homeowners can design side and back entrance doors that complement their personality and their home’s unique characteristics.

Here are six reasons sliding doors options are so popular with homeowners.

Sliding Replacement Patio Doors Are So Popular in New Jersey & New York Because . . .

#1: You Choose Your Door Configuration

Depending on the overall size of your new patio door, you may be able to choose a configuration with a left-sliding or right-sliding operation. In some situations, you can choose a three panel arrangement that allows both left and right movement over a stationery center panel.

#2: You Design Simple Doors for Maximum Effect

Regardless of the configuration you choose, you’ll still have option that complement a minimalist décor, traditional and elegant styling and charming elements that work well in Ranch, Cape Cod Colonial and other homes designed for efficiency and simplicity.

#3: You Expand Your View Area with Glass

Glass is the primary component in every sliding patio door. An expanded viewing area naturally comes with any door style that has a narrower frame, such as sliding replacement patio doors. That larger viewing area also allows the sun to bathe your indoor spaces in natural light. So, you can bounce light off your mirrors, artwork and light walls to make your rooms feel larger and brighter.

#4: You Simplify Cleaning Routines

Replacement sliders “not only offer one-finger operation,” they are designed to make it easy to clean both surfaces from the comfort of your own home. That may sound too good to be true, so here is a maintenance guide that explains how to care for your patio doors after installation.

#5: You Get Tighter Environmental Control with Energy Star Labeled Replacement Patio Doors

Low-E glass solutions guarantee you can control noise and light transfer better than any single-pane options on the market today. Plus, replacement patio door specialists can help you customize each entrance based on how you use the doors and the surrounding environment — such as buildings, trees and other structure that block natural light from the glass panel.

# 6: You Enjoy High-Performance Features

All replacement patio doors in our portfolio are designed to provide decades of beauty, maximize energy-efficiency performance and operate effortlessly and perfectly for as long as you live in your home. When you want a side entrance or patio door that is low-maintenance and high-performance, choose a sliding replacement patio door.

Who Chooses Renewal by Andersen Sliding Replacement Patio Doors?

Energy Star labeled sliding replacement patio doors are a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to elevate natural light and air circulation in their home. And, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro sliders never interfere with interior or exterior furniture placement, so you have more decorating options when it is time to refresh your spaces, or add a flower bed near your rear entrance.

If you need more information about space-saving patio doors, for your New Jersey or New York Metro home, simply drop by our showroom, send us a secure online message, fill in short form on this page, or give us call at 1-888-826-2451.



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