The holidays are right around the corner! It’s the perfect time to decorate your windows to reflect the joy and happiness of the season. Lights and garland can make your windows more attractive, while making your home more festive. There are many ways that your windows can be decorated. Here’s what to consider when trying to decide which style and look is right for your home.

#1. Spread Twinkle Lights on the Bench of Your Bay or Bow Window

Do you have a bay or bow window? Spread some randomized twinkle lights on the bench of your bay or bow window. You’ll love the way your window looks at night with the room lights off inside – the twinkle lights will create a warm glow that makes your house look inviting from the inside and out. As a bonus, the twinkle lights will create little reflections in the glass when the sun goes down at night. These reflections will make your windows look positively magical.

#2. Attach Twinkle Lights Outside Your Windows

Attaching twinkle lights to the outside of your windows is one way to light up your home and make your yard sparkle. Avoid nailing anything into your window frames or siding. Plastic adhesive-backed clips are a less invasive way of securing twinkle lights to your home.

#3. Ring Your Windows with Garland Inside

Attach garland to the perimeter of your window inside your house to frame your window with beautiful greenery. Decorate the garland with bows, red berries or both to make the garland even more festive. As an alternative, consider draping curtain rods above your windows with twinkle lights and ribbon. This simple decoration makes use of structures already in place, and helps light up the inside of your home.

#4. Place an Electric Candle on the Window Sill

One of the simplest but most heart-warming things you can do to decorate your windows at the holidays is to place an electric candle on the sill. Some electric candles require an outlet to plug into, while others operate on battery power. To make life simpler for yourself, buy electric candles with a light sensor that turns the candles on at night and turns off the candles when it’s light enough outside.

#5. Hang a Wreath from the Window Frame

Hang a wreath in the center of your window. Use clear string to put the focus on the wreath rather than the hanger. Again, make sure not to screw into your window frame for your hanger. You can attach it to the wall and use clear plastic twine to suspend the wreath in your window.

Make Your Windows Beautiful This Holiday Season

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