5 Ways Patio Doors Add Natural Light to New York & New Jersey Area Homes

NEw Jersey New York Patio Doors Natural LightLooking for a way to let more sunlight into your New Jersey or New York Metro home? Replacement Patio Doors from Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro are a fantastic way to do just that.

Probably everyone would agree that natural light makes a room more inviting and beautiful. Wondering if an upgrade will help you take advantage of natural light to beautify your home? Here are some ways that patio doors enhance the home environment.

#1: NY & NJ Patio Door Styles Enhance Your View

The patio door style you choose makes a huge difference in how much natural light you bring into your interior spaces. Style choices also affect traffic patterns and decorating schemes.

  • Hinged French-style doors provide a beautiful entrance for your guests, while allowing ample light to bathe your indoor spaces. French-style doors may be configured to swing inward or outward, depending on whether you want to maximize interior floor space or have more room on terraces, balconies and patios. Replacing floor-level windows on upper floors with French-style patio doors creates a stunning architectural detail.
  • Gliding French-style patio doors are perfect for those areas where you like the look and feel of traditional elegance, but want to add more light without giving up any interior or exterior floor space. If you want to bring in plenty of sunlight, without changing existing traffic patterns, sliding doors are a good option.
  • Contemporary Gliding Doors have the same space-saving design benefits as French-style patio doors, with a couple of advantages – narrower trim means a broader viewing area and the style complements more decorating themes. Stainable wood interiors provide opportunities to precisely match your current color schemes or balance your spaces with a touch of contrast.

#2: Positioning and Partnering

Choosing to replace windows with patio doors isn’t the only way to increase natural light levels. Depending on how many windows and doors you want to upgrade there are myriad ways to enhance light levels.

Unique configurations allow homeowners to mull fixed windows above doors or install operable windows to flank your primary entrance. Deciding whether to position your new patio door in the center of a wall of glass or off to one side may depend on your preference or external features like decks, sidewalks and landscaping.

An in-home consultation with one of our experienced home remodeling specialists is the best way for you to compare available products and styles that fit your needs and renovation goals.

#3: Expanding Light Opportunities with Energy-Efficient Enhancements

Enabling more natural light to bathe your indoor spaces adds to the overall comfort and beauty in your home, but don’t forget to consider other advantages – like saving money on your utility bills.

Making energy efficiency a priority accomplishes both. Low-e glass options help you control heat transfer and light levels more effectively than single-pane glass often found in older homes in our area. Who wouldn’t want to save up to 25 percent on heating and cooling bills while you bring in more natural sunlight into your home?

#4: Customize Your Home with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Patio Doors

Transforming your view with high-quality, custom-built patio doors allows you to create one-of-a-kind entryways and a unique curb appeal. For the widest viewing area – and maximum sunlight – you may want to skip grilles, but they’re always an option if you prefer that look.

If you love the look of French-style doors, adding grilles to your sliding or swing-out patio doors will help you balance your overall decorating style. Customizing your windows and doors is limited only by your imagination.

Dozens of color combinations for frames and trim, natural wood interiors you can stain or paint, a wide variety of hardware finishes and unique accessories allow you to precisely design replacement patio door home improvement products that complement your environment and your personal decorating preferences.

#5: Capturing More Light with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

Bringing in more natural light with custom windows and doors gives you the freedom to design your personal views from the inside looking out and the outside looking in. If bringing in the sunshine is on your list of priorities this year, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you thoroughly consider your options.

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