5 Tips to Capture the Perfect View with Modern Replacement Windows in New Jersey & New York

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Modern replacement windows and patio doors give New Jersey & New York Metro residents dozens of options to capture a beautiful view as the seasons change. Many people spend weeks, or even months, looking for a window dealer they trust to help them update their windows, but, then they don’t consider everything that can influence how well their windows perform or the design essentials to capture a view perfectly.

Here are five tips for capturing the perfect view for your New Jersey or metropolitan home, while considering energy-efficiency, privacy and comfort.

#1. Consider Your Surroundings When Designing Replacement Windows

Some homeowners focus heavily on colors and decorative elements when making decisions about updating their New Jersey or metropolitan New Jersey homes. This is totally understandable, but you also need to realize that choosing the proper replacement window components – glass, frame type, hardware – dramatically impacts energy efficiency and performance. Choosing the proper glazing is crucial for managing heat loss and taking advantage of solar heat gain during winter months and for managing heat transfer during the summer so your air conditioning bills don’t escalate out of control. To make sure you select the right style, consider how landscape changes throughout the seasons – trees shed leaves, bushes get taller and if you plan to update your landscaping, you want to think about how those changes could affect the number of hours of direct sunlight each window gets per day.

#2. Frame Your View Naturally

The view from your bedroom window – or when standing at the kitchen sink, or relaxing in your sun room – is more than just a snapshot of the world outside your four walls. Your natural surroundings change continuously. Take advantage of the slideshow Nature puts on every day. Bringing natural elements into your home expands your options. Use colors and textures that complement the outdoor scenery, try to balance the indoor and outdoor color schemes to create a “natural harmony.” Treat your view like an original work of art that deserves a well-designed frame – your replacement window consultant can help you explore exterior and interior colors and accessories to match (or contrast) your favorite architectural or landscape elements.

#3. Choose the Right Window for the Right Setting

To capture the perfect view, you have to start with the perfect style. In this instance, perfect doesn’t mean the best priced, or the most beautiful – although those features are definitely important. The perfect window for every setting is the one that was custom-built to accommodate the homeowner’s expectations. For example, choosing a bay window configuration may be the perfect option for areas where you want to capture a view of the migrating birds. Bays and bows provide an opportunity to expand seating areas without investing in a traditional construction project to expand the actual footprint of your home. You may also want to capture the spectacular views of the cityscape, but you want sliding windows that don’t interfere with traffic patterns or furniture placement. Before deciding on a style for each replacement window or patio door, ask yourself: how you will use the room the window is going to be installed in, and whether you want to enhance light control or obscure the view for more privacy.

#4. Your Current Home Windows Don’t Have to Define Your Replacements

Let’s face it, some windows look plain and uninteresting. The good news is, you don’t have to have boring windows. Whether you have a plain, unadorned picture window you would like to replace with a pair of stunning casement windows configured to open from opposing sides or you’re thinking about removing a row of single-hung windows to create a jaw-dropping entrance, you have options to design visual intrigue, if that is your goal. Custom-built windows come in a variety of shapes – trapezoidal, full-circle, triangles, and yes, simple rectangles and squares. With modern technology and manufacturing techniques, you can enjoy your view through energy-efficient glass, with traditional or modern shapes and almost unlimited grille options if you want to design your own. Talk to your replacement window specialist if you’re consider custom grilles.

#5. Illuminate Your Spaces

There are two key things you must remember when thinking about framing your view. First, both interior and exterior elements will impact what you see when you look at your windows and when you look through them. And, second, humans thrive on natural light. Ensuring that your windows allow plenty of natural light to flow through them will enhance both your view of the window and through it.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New Your Metro Helps Homeowners Create Stunning Views with Replacement Windows

Every room in your home deserves a terrific view. Need some more inspiration for capturing wonderful views with modern replacement windows and patio doors? Just pick up the phone and dial 1-888-826-2451, or fill in the short form on this page to request a brochure.

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